Akon throws a fan off the stage during the annual KFEST summer concert at Dutchess Stadium on June 3, 2007Twitter

Social media is a menace that will never forget to remind you what horrible mistakes you had done in the past. And the latest celebrity to get such reminder is none other than the Troublemaker hitmaker, Akon, who had once threw a teenage fan off the stage at a concert in the summer of 2007.

In the video, Akon, during the annual KFEST summer concert at Dutchess Stadium on June 3, 2007, picked up a 15-year-old fan named Anthony C Smith from the crowd, hoisted him onto his shoulders and tossed him off the stage back into the audience during his performance.

Though Akon had initially pleaded not guilty for the incident, later he admitted to the crime after reaching a deal to plead guilty to second-degree harassment over a more serious charge of causing harm to a child.

Fans react to Akon's vile act

Thirteen years have passed and yet the said incident has come to haunt the R&B singer as the tweeps began circulating the video of the event after doing some digging on the internet.

And yet again, the reactions were not a bit pleasant. "Thinking of time Akon let a fan on stage just to kick him off with a wwe move," one Twitter user wrote while reliving the moment.

Another Twitter user commented, "This was actually at KFEST at dutchess stadium and Akon had to come back to Wappingers to go to court and serve community service hours for it."

"Once again Twitter has me scratching my head. Is Akon trending for something he did 13 years ago?" another Twitter user expressed his surprise over the trend.

Take a look.