House Of Cards
House Of Cards will probably return on Netflix with Season 6 by the end of May or mid-July.Facebook/House Of Cards

House of Cards will probably return on Netflix with season 6 by the end of May or mid-July. It might address the death of Tom Yates and the fate of his book.

While the viewers are expecting some new challenges for Claire Underwood in the upcoming season mainly because of her involvement in the demise of her lover, cast member Paul Sparks believes that his character's death will not really affect the female protagonist.

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"I feel like Tom Yates had become so insular to just Claire that I don't think anybody would give a shit if he's there. In fact, maybe people would celebrate that finally, they don't have to see that side of Claire. I don't think there will be any grand inquisition as to where the writer of these semi-popular novels has disappeared to," the actor told The Hollywood Reporter.

Sparks even said that Yates was never a part of that world and he was always an outsider. "I feel it just as an actor on the show playing that part. There's an outsider quality to the approach I took to the character, to the way that character interacted with everybody," he continued.

House of Cards
House of Cards season 6 will focus on the political future of Claire Underwood.Facebook/House of Cards

In the meantime, the cast member revealed that The Washington Herald reporter Zoe Barnes was quite different from Yates. "Zoe Barnes was after something. She was an animal in D.C. Maybe that says something about the world we live in that people aren't that interested in the writers," he added.

The 45-year-old Boardwalk Empire star even teased about the release of Yates' book and he seems very optimistic about it. However, the actor revealed that he does not know much about it.

"I know that there was talk about whether the book would come out, and people have lots of theories about what the book is. Even very recently, I was in an airport and someone was completely convinced that the chapters in the show are in fact chapters of Tom Yates' book," Sparks said.

Meanwhile, the upcoming season of the Netflix drama series will probably revolve around the political tension between the US and Russia while featuring the various efforts made by Claire Underwood to prove herself as the President.

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