Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik's sculpture on Puri beach condemning the Badaun twin gangrape and murder case.IANS File

The district of Badaun in Uttar Pradesh was once again in the news for all the wrong reasons as two minor girls were gangraped at gunpoint by five men in Jareef Nagar.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police Saumitra Yadav, the girls, who were cousins, were forcibly held at gunpoint by the five accused, two of whom were brothers.

After the incident the accused however failed to get away and were nabbed by the villagers when the victims raised an alarm. They were subsequently handed over to the police, reports India Today.

"A case has been lodged and the girls were sent for medical examination," the SSP said, adding that the report is awaited.

For almost a year now, horrific rape-related crimes have been reported from Badaun.

In January this year, a constable was arrested for allegedly throwing a 17-year-old girl off the roof of a police station after a failed rape attempt.

The victim, who suffered serious head injuries and fractures in back and pelvic bones, gave her statement to the police on 16 January after regaining consciousness. The police filed an FIR against the constable and arrested him.

The incident occurred at Ujhani police station, where the victim had gone to meet the accused Gaurav Tytler on the evening of 15 January, the victim's mother said while demanding justice for her daughter.

About a couple of weeks prior to that, two constables were suspended for the alleged abduction and gangrape of a 14-year-old girl inside Musajhag Police Station.

But, the case which sent shockwaves through the country was the 'hanging' of the two teenage cousins from a mango tree in May last year.

CBI later came to the conclusion that the two girls had committed suicide.