A 20-year-old man brutally murdered a sex worker at a brothel in Hong Kong on Wednesday and then jumped into the sea in a bid to commit suicide, but was caught by the police. 

The prostitute, a 45-year-old Chinese woman, had arrived in Hong Kong on Tuesday, and was stabbed to death in less than 48 hours, South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported. 

The youth had visited the brothel, based in a flat in Yau Ma Tei, and had intercourse with another sex worker before stabbing the Chinese prostitute about 20 times. He fled the scene in only his underpants. 

He then jumped into the sea apparently in a bid to commit suicide, but was caught by the police and arrested. 

"He was wearing underpants and a [cloth] bag was also wrapped around his waist at the time of the arrest," a police official told SCMP. 

The motive for the murder is not clear. 

The police also highlighted the rampant presence of brothels set up in flats in Hong Kong with many sex workers coming from mainland China. 

As many as 2,502 prostitutes were arrested this year till July in Hong Kong, the report said.