Honda has launched its new Grazia 125 at a starting price of Rs 73,336 (all prices mentioned in this story are ex-showroom, Gurugram). There are two variants, Standard and Deluxe, and the latter has been priced at Rs 80,402. If I remember correctly, these two variants were priced between Rs 58,000 and Rs 62,000 at the time of their launch in November 2017. Nevertheless, what's noteworthy is that the new Grazia is not just another plain BS6 upgrade, but a lot more than that.

Honda Grazia 125 BS6
Honda Grazia 125 BS6Honda

What's new in the new Honda Grazia 125?

Like I said, a lot. Let me give you the complete list of the new features:

1) ACG: Honda has given the Grazia its patented ACG (AC Generator) mechanism that not only charges your battery but also cranks the engine for you. The conventional starter motor has been handed the pink slip.

Honda ACG starter mechanism vs conventional electric start system
Honda ACG starter mechanism vs conventional electric start systemHonda

Honda says the ACG ensures a quick, silent, and jolt-free start every time.

Honda ACG starter mechanism
Honda ACG starter mechanismHonda

2) Advanced Informatics: The instrument cluster now shows stuff like distance to empty, average fuel efficiency, and real-time fuel efficiency in addition to the information it showed from day one.

3) ISS: The Grazia now features ISS (Idling Stop System), which means that the engine will shut off after three seconds of the scooter registering zero kmph. A twist of the wrist is all that 's needed to spin the crank again and get moving. The ISS is available only in the Deluxe variant, and, yes, you do get the freedom of disabling it if you want. 

Honda Grazia Idling Stop System
Honda Grazia Idling Stop SystemHonda

Also, now you won't be able to ride away with the side stand down.

Honda Grazia Side Stand On Indicator with Engine Cut-off
Honda Grazia Side Stand On Indicator with Engine Cut-offHonda

4) Engine Start/Stop switch: The ISS switch is replaced by an engine-kill switch on the Standard variant.

Honda Grazia Engine Start Stop Switch
Honda Grazia Engine Start Stop SwitchHonda

5) DC LED headlamp: If I'm not mistaken, Honda was the first manufacturer in the segment to give an LED headlight, right? Well, the press release states that it's DC now, which "provides constant illumination for convenient slow speed & night riding". Thank you, Honda, for adding "night riding", else we wouldn't have known.

Also, I would be very much interested in knowing how Honda has been running the LEDs until now on AC. It can be done, but I would want to know how Honda did it, especially in the light of this change to DC that they've mentioned. A simple diagram of the two circuits would be helpful. It would also tell the customers of the BS4 Grazia whether they can install the new DC paraphernalia in their scooters.

6) Integrated pass switch: The pass function has been integrated into the headlamp beam switch.

Honda Grazia Interated Pass Switch
Honda Grazia Interated Pass SwitchHonda

7) Multifunction switch: Also known as finger-ring-a-roses if you buy one in red, unlocking the seat and opening the external fuel lid is just one finger away now. It's worth pointing out that the Grazia now has the fuel-filler on the tail and not under the seat. 

Honda Grazia Multifunction Unit
Honda Grazia Multifunction UnitHonda
Honda Grazia External Fuel Lid
Honda Grazia Fuel LidHonda

The press release also says that the tail lamp design is new (further reiterating that the repositioning of the fuel lid warranted it); the underseat storage has been redesigned (again thanks to the fuel lid's displacement), and that the front glovebox is now bigger too. Most importantly though, it says that the ground clearance has been increased by 16 mm.

However, what would matter even more to the customers of this segment is the outstanding 6-year warranty package, which comprises the 3-year standard warranty and an optional 3-year extended warranty. Honda hasn't mentioned the cost of this package.

That's all that I think there is to know about the new Honda Grazia 125. You may check the colours, etc., on Honda's website, where you may also check how much the new Grazia costs in your city. I'll give you snapshots of the features and technical specifications below anyway.

2020 BS6 Honda Grazia 125 Features

Honda Grazia features
Honda Grazia featuresHonda

 2020 BS6 Honda Grazia 125 Technical Specifications

Honda Grazia Technical Specifications
Honda Grazia Technical SpecificationsHonda
Honda Grazia Technical Specifications