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When "Homeland" returns to Showtime in autumn 2015, there will be a lot more unfamiliar faces. The political thriller will jump two years from season 4, and transport Carrie (Claire Danes) to a whole another country -- Germany. 

Carrie takes up a new job and is surrounded by a whole new group of people, having gone on a self-imposed exile. Although Carrie is estranged from the CIA, Saul (Mandy Patinkin) still has an important role in season 5. In fact, he is getting a new employee, Allison (Miranda Otto), who works directly under him as the Berlin Chief of Station.

Carrie is also getting a new boyfriend in the fall. Jonas (German actor Alexander Fehling) is a legal counsel for the the private security firm Düring Foundation, where Carrie also works. 

"She has a new purpose and passion and I can probably tease that that's not going to last long... "She's going to have a relationship with German intelligence, and that's going to be one of the more interesting relationships this season because they are an ally, but it's a pretty rocky relationship regardless," show-runner Alex Carey reveals to E Online. 

Other actors joining "Homeland" for season 5 are German actor Sebastian Koch, who will play a German philanthropist and Carrie's boss, Otto Düring, and Sarah Sokolovic, an American journalist who works for the Düring Foundation.