The global pandemic forced everybody indoors, without much choice or room for debate. India went into lockdown, and it's been a long one. It's also been a question at the back of our minds whether we'll get a film on lockdown and pandemics, will stories suit the new situation? 

It definitely seems like it, because we're getting a film on the different lockdown experiences when we're barely unlocking. Netflix is releasing Home Stories tomorrow to talk about 4 unique lockdown experiences, shot entirely at home.

Netflix Home Stories
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Netflix to release Home Stories on YouTube

A lot has been said about the lockdown. We may even have our own lockdown experiences to share. The pandemic and the resultant lockdown has changed how we socially interact, how we communicate and fundamentally, how we were used to living our daily lives.

The uncertainty, anxiety and the weirdness of it all, makes it the perfect topic for a film, doesn't it? Think about it, it would make a great plot. Apparently, Netflix thought so too, because we're getting a film on exactly that. Home Stories is the newest film Netflix is bringing us now.

As the name suggests, it's a bit similar to the format of Lust Stories and Ghost Stories featuring Bollywood's skilled filmmakers Karan Johar, Dibakar Banerjee, Anurag Kashyap and Zoya Akhtar. Now, we're getting Home Stories which aren't directed by the same quartet. This time 4 films directed by Sahirr Sher, Anubhuti Kashyap, Tanvi Gandhi and Ashwin Laxmi Narayan will be compiled for us in a YouTube special.

The four films deal with different characters and plots, Out With It will feature Arjun Mathur as a germaphobe afraid of stepping out of his house amid the lockdown.

Out with it
Out With It- Arjun MathurYouTube

Will You Be My Quarantine stars Saba Azaad and Imaad Shah of a couple whose one-night stand was ironically turned on its head by the lockdown. 

Will You Be My Quarantine

Delivering Smiles tells a tale of a delivery executive played by Tanmay Dhanania, a unique perspective to the lockdown who is recording his experiences through vlogs and the kind of customers he faces. 

Delivering Smiles

The fourth story is Web Ne Bana Di Jodi, a story of a couple played by Veer Rajwant Singh and Apoorva Arora attempting to tie the knot through ceremonies online.

Web Ne Bana De Jodi

The themes picked by the 4 different tales are all ones we've heard either remotely or through friends and family, which can be considered a reality. The film also sports 'Hope sweet hope' and perhaps that's the film's aim. The film will release tomorrow on YouTube.