TV stars reveal their way of celebrating Holi
TV stars reveal their way of celebrating HoliPR Handout

Holi is a festival of colors, music, dance games and great food. Every state in India has its own signature way of celebrating Holi.

Here are some television celebrities sharing their ideas of Holi celebrations.

Kamya Punjabi: Holi is hands down one of the most fun festivals we celebrate in our country. It's full of color, music, dance, food, and joy. It signifies the triumph of the good over the evil and is celebrated with enthusiasm. During the celebrations, we should remember to have the glory of our culture in our celebrations.

Suyyash Rai: Holi Blast is a festival with a blend of music, art, and colors. With non-stop music, dancing and enjoying with organic colors, water guns, rain dance, thandai, holi snacks, games, and competitions, what else do we need to make the holi a memorable one with friends.

Yuvika Chaudhary: No Holi party is complete without Bollywood music. And while speakers do just as fine, if you can get some live singers to the party, it will definitely make the celebration more fun. You can also get a dhol-wala to get everyone on their toes. Keep organic colors for celebration and avoid using water. For decor opt for something that is sustainable and re-usable and festival snacks and drinks are must as everyone are already planned to cheat their diet.

Aly Goni: It's an all-day outdoor event to make holi as happening as ever. With the best Bollywood music, we can thoroughly enjoy the event. It'll be bigger, better, louder and more colorful than the last time, as with every passing year we have more collection to play on. We can't afford to miss the celebrations and enjoying with organic colors, water games, Holi special food, and drinks.

Arshi Khan: Since Bollywood has glorified Holi so much and dedicated several songs, dialogues and scenes to this festival, it's a good idea to keep a Bollywood theme for your Holi party. Enjoying Indian festival snacks and drinks and playing with organic colors and less water can be best ever celebrations.

Kunal Jaisingh: Holi is the festival when everyone is high on their energy. The Indian Rajasthan Ghumar or chang songs to Bollywood music doubles the energy for celebrating. Organic colors to enjoying with water games to having a number of holi snacks and drinks stalls around and we all are ready to cheat our diet. That could be best ever holi celebrations me or anyone could think for.

Mahika Sharma: You know your party is a hit when your Facebook feed is flooded with pictures of the event. And if you have a funky photo booth, be rest assured people won't stop clicking. Attractive organic colors, water game are must with the special taste of festival snacks and drink for making the festival of holi happening.

Manish Goplani: HoliWood and Bollywood music keep us stunned while we are busy going crazy playing with colors. The festival liquor we love and the festival food that tingles our tongue. the Holi dance which makes us go crazy all under one roof. Holi is a festival to be carefree and the environment of gulaal and bhang. If you're fond of colors, music and food, holi at its best, you're gonna get a life to live.