Holi- India's festival of colors
Holi- India's festival of colorsGetty images- DIBYANGSHU SARKAR / Stringe

Colors connect with emotions and make us jovial and happy. India's festival of colors — Holi — marks the victory of good over evil. People celebrate it by smearing colors on each other.

Mouth-watering delicacies too are a unique part of this occasion. This festival is incomplete without the traditional dishes. From light snacks to delicious sweets, here are the most favorite food items and their recipes for Holi that can be easily prepared.

Namak Para

This crunchy savory snack is basically ribbon-like strips of pastry mixed with sprinkles of ajwain (bishop's weed,) cumin seeds and caraway seeds. It is then deep fried in butter or ghee (clarified butter). This delicious snack is ready to serve in not more than 20 minutes.

Matar Kachori

These are flaky, crisp and deep-fried pastry with a filling of spiced matar or peas, and are similar to spiced empanadas. The snack tastes best when served with traditional Indian sauces made with tomatoes, coriander or mint.

Bhaang Ke Pakore

This is one of the most sought-after snacks on Holi. When edible cannabis is mixed with rolls of pastry and different spices, it is sheer magic. The mixture is given the shape of small balls and then deep-fried and served with chutney or Indian dips.


The dish originated in Bihar and Jharkhand in India, and is a simple snack recipe made with flour and chana or chickpeas. It is best served with potato curry or traditional mint dips.


Sweets and festivities are synonymous in India. Similarly, Holi is incomplete without a vast spread of sweet dishes. Gujiya, also known as Karanji, is the most special and symbolic Holi sweet dish. It is made with dried whole milk powder and nut stuffing. There are varieties of Gujiya with different kinds of fillings.

Puran Poli

This sweet dish originated in India's western state Maharashtra. It is a sweet, flattened bread made with jaggery and wheat flour along with spices.


Another traditional Holi sweet dish, Malpua, is prepared with flour. It is deep-fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. It can be easily prepared in advance for a Holi feast and can be served both hot and cold.