The Hockey World League (HWL), after some gruelling contest since 2014, will boil down to the top eight teams, who will fight it out for the prestigious title. The HWL, which is set to start on Friday, will entertain hockey lovers around the world for 10 days in Raipur, India.

The eight teams, who have made it to the final stage of the competition, are expected to produce some magical moments with top teams in the world vying for major honours. If Group A comprises of tough teams such as Australia, Great Britain, Belgium and Canada, Group B has an even stronger line up with Germany, Netherlands, Argentina and India, who are the host.

All the eight teams have deserved their HWL final berth after some brilliant display in the HWL semi finals in Belgium and Argentina respectively.

Australia, Germany and Netherlands, who have all been known for their performances in the last couple of years, are going to be huge favourites in the HWL final in Raipur. Netherlands, who won the first edition of the tournament, will be keen to come up with a repeat performance and take home the title while Germany and Australia will not make things easier for the defending champions.

India, who might no longer possess a team as that of the yesteryears, have been gradually delivering the goods, which also helped them qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics. However, no team in the HWL final can afford to take India lightly as they comprise players such as Sardar Singh, SV Sunil, VR Raghunath, who has to deliver once again to help their team emerge triumphant.

Apart from these players, India should make full use of the home support, which has always egged the Indian players to take their game to the next level.

Besides the above mentioned countries, the other teams -- GB, Belgium, Canada and Argentina -- are no slouch either. GB, Argentina and Belgium, who have all been consistent of late, should make the contest even more interesting with their display on the blue turf in Raipur. Canada is the dark horse of the tournament.

With just eight nations in the competition, all the teams, irrespective of where they finish in the group standings, are guaranteed quarter final berth. Such format makes the contest even more appealing as all the teams have to be on top of their toes till the final day of the competition.

Click here for Group A preview and here for Group B

Hockey World League final complete schedule

November 27

Argentina vs India (6:30pm IST, 1pm GMT)

Germany vs Netherlands (8:30pm IST, 3 pm GMT)

November 28

Great Britain vs Canada (2:30pm IST, 9am GMT)

Australia vs Belgium (4:30pm IST, 11am GMT)

Germany vs India (6:30pm IST, 1pm GMT)

Netherlands vs Argentina (8:30pm IST, 3 pm GMT)

November 29

Belgium vs Canada (6:30pm IST, 1pm GMT)

Australia vs Great Britain (8:30pm IST, 3 pm GMT)

November 30

India vs Netherlands (6:30pm IST, 1pm GMT)

Argentina vs Germany (8:30pm IST, 3 pm GMT)

December 1

Australia vs Canada (6:30pm IST, 1pm GMT)

Great Britain vs Belgium (8:30pm IST, 3 pm GMT)

December 2

1st Quarter Final - (6:30pm IST, 1pm GMT)

2nd Quarter Final (8:45pm IST, 3:15 pm GMT)

December 3

3rd Quarter Final - (6:30pm IST, 1pm GMT)

4th Quarter Final (8:45pm IST, 3:15 pm GMT)

December 4

Losing Quarter Finalists match - (6:30pm IST, 1pm GMT)

1st Semi final (8:45pm IST, 3:15 pm GMT)

December 5

Losing Quarter Finalists match - (6:30pm IST, 1pm GMT)

2nd Semi final (8:45pm IST, 3:15 pm GMT)

December 6

Bronze medal match - (6:30pm IST, 1pm GMT)

Final - (8:45pm IST, 3:15 pm GMT)

All matches are set to be played in Raipur

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