A woman spreads Nutella on a slice of bread in Milan November 20, 2009.Reuters

Nutella lovers can breathe a sigh of relief as Ferrero, the company that makes the chocolate-hazelnut spread, is not discontinuing the product.

The rumours of Nutella getting discontinued started after a website Spoon University reported that the company is stopping the production of chocolate-hazelnut spread by the end of 2015.

However, the report titled "Nutella To Be Discontinued By The End of 2015, Hearts Break Worldwide" was published on 1 April, i.e. on April Fool's Day as a joke to trick their readers.

Unfortunately several readers became the victim of the April Fool prank.

According to Spoon University, a press release by the company claimed that the spread had become out of date and overused. And other companies have also invented similar spreads, which are taking over the market now.

The website even quoted Sorority president and former Nutella addict Lauren Smith saying that its sad to see the product getting discontinued from the market.

The website also quoted CEO of Ferrero, Luigi Carbonara, who said that they want to move in a more savory direction.

"We know everyone loves Nutella, but we want to move in a more savory direction. Keep your eyes peeled for our new Nutella BBQ rub. It'll make you forget all about the chocolate-hazelnut perfection you can spread on every breakfast item you can imagine," Carbonara said.

However, the story was an April Fool prank and Nutella production will continue. The hoax story, which many believed, is going viral on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

Here is what several readers said about the story: