Hiteshwar Singh
Hiteshwar Singh

Hiteshwar Singh, speed skater, roll ball, and inline hockey player says he is totally against the exams that are going to happen in September.

Hiteshwar has been a roller athlete since the age of 5, now it has been 19 years that he is playing in India.

Hiteshwar Singh says he is one of the youngest athletes who did not get the appreciation he deserves.

Hiteshwar Singh said that "I am also an engineer and I stand against the JEE and NEET exam in such a big disaster. I demand that it should be postponed. "

Hiteshwar Singh claims that he is the recipient of state 3 prestigious awards.
1) The "SHER E KASHMIR " award by the sports council of J&K.
2) The " RANGIL SINGH " Award by the Olympic Association of J&K and Olympic association of India.
3) The STATE AWARD " by govt of J&K.

He says he also won the NATIONAL CHILD AWARDEE 2009, Excellence in Sports by the government of INDIA, WORLD CHAMPION for the year 2017 and 2019 and Highest goal scorer for team India in the World Cup held in 2019.