After being acquitted in the 2002 hit and run case, Salman Khan has withdrawn his plea from the Supreme Court seeking examination of one of the key witnesses, singer Kamaal Khan, reports PTI. 

The Bombay High Court passed its verdict in regard to Salman's hit and run case on 10 December. The Court acquitted the superstar from all charges, saying that the prosecution had failed to prove the allegations.

It was reported that Kamaal Khan was inside the Toyota Land Cruiser along with Salman when the incident occurred and was considered to be one of the prime witnesses in the case.

However, the singer, who is supposed to be in London currently, was missing throughout the trial and was never examined as a witness.

Salman was earlier convicted in the hit and run case by a Mumbai Sessions court on 6 May and was sentenced to five years of imprisonment. The actor then appealed against the verdict at the High Court and has now been acquitted of all charges.

The incident took place on 28 September, 2002, when Salman's car rammed into a pavement, leaving one dead and four others injured.