• Blizzard in New York
    Commuters stand under an umbrella next to snow which was being plowed to the street edge from a walkway in Times Square, New York on January 26, 2015.Reuters
  • Blizzard in New York
    Snow starts to build up on the roads in New Haven, Connecticut January 26, 2015.Reuters
  • Blizzard in New York
    People walk in the Borough Hall section of downtown Brooklyn in New York City in falling snow, January 26, 2015.Reuters
  • Blizzard in New York
    The streets of New Haven, Connecticut, are deserted after a travel ban was put in place January 26, 2015.Reuters
  • Blizzard in New York
    A Long Island Railroad train is seen parked at the Port Washington station in Port Washington, New York January 26, 2015.Reuters

Following the relentless snow storm and blizzard in New York, driving bans were imposed in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut at 11 pm on Monday. Subway and bus services were suspended, and even the Hudson River crossings were closed by Port Authorities.

"Recognise this as an emergency, this is not business as usual," BBC quoted Mayor Bill de Blasio as saying. "This will most likely be one of the largest blizzards in the history of New York City," he added, according to  The New York Times

In a Public Alert statement from the National Weather Services, it was mentioned that New Haven, Middlesex, New London and Southern Fairfield counties in Connecticut, Hudson, Eastern Bergen, Eastern Essex and Eastern Union counties in New Jersey, Southern Westchester, New York (Manhattan), Bronx, Richmond (Staten Island), Kings (Brooklyn), Suffolk, Queens and Nassau counties in New York would all come under Blizzard Warning at least until Tuesday night.

The statement also warned that "life-threatening conditions" can be expected and that it would be "extremely dangerous" to travel due to "heavy snowfall and strong winds, with Whiteout conditions... Strong winds may down power lines and tree limbs."

It is understood that U.S. Northeast corridor states are likely to be hit by around two feet of snow and frigid temperature. Hence, there is a fear that the homeless fatality records may be broken. Mayor Blasio asked citizens to keep a lookout for the same. "In terms of some of our most vulnerable New Yorkers, Department of Homeless Services is out looking for those who are homeless who can be brought in to safety... If you see someone homeless who is in danger, call 9-1-1," he was quoted as saying by IB Times US edition.

"Hour 3 of shoveling haven't left the car foods becoming scarce jeep smells like farts #moretocome #blizzardof2015 #Juno" Cody Merritt tweeted.

Explaining that heart attack is the major cause of death during the winter, the Weather Service also warned people from getting over exerted while shovelling snow, which could lead to heart attack.

Meanwhile Twitter users like Melissa Gasson ‏who loves the irony of how "snow storms force a whole entire city that never sleeps to stop & take a rest," and Mahum Haider who says, "You are officially no longer 'The city that never sleeps' Glad you guys are stuck inside too," are managing to bring some pun and humour to Blizzard Juno's effects on the US. 

Even Boston, one of the worst-hit areas, is managing to keep things humorous.