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Vikas Pathak aka Hindustani Bhau has a huge fan base thanks to his YouTube channel. Bhau's videos are full of abusive words for Pakistan. His punchline 'Patli Gali se Nikal' is still mouthed by many. Fans rejoiced when they heard Hindustani Bhau will be part of Bigg Boss 13, however, his journey was short-lived. Being a wild card contestant, he was there inside the madhouse for a month and got eliminated last week.

He may have been known for his abusive words but he was seen calm and composed inside the house and didn't use any cuss words. It was a sad moment for the inmates when Bhau was eliminated from Bigg Boss 13.

In conversation with IBTimes India, Hindustani Bhau spoke at length about missing his family inside the house, the fights among the housemates, who he feels will win Bigg Boss 13 and his real persona.

On elimination

I am glad that I came out, I was missing my family and mother a lot. My mom wasn't keeping well from a long time and since then I had been pleading Bigg Boss 13 to let me go out and now I am happy I met my ailing mother, my wife, and my son.

Salman on saying you were seen sleeping majority of the times

Siddharth Shukla was diagnosed with typhoid and it was contagious I wasn't in the pink of my health and was feeling weak. I did a blood test and ECG and had breathing problems inside the house. The doctor had advised me to sleep well when kukakoo (clock) hoots he doesn't see who is unwell then I say it on the mike, to BB that I am unwell. What happens in these 24 hours in the house no one sees, what is shown is only an hour's footage so it's tough to understand the other side as well.

With ongoing physical and verbal abuse inside the house

What do we do inside, we see the same faces, we fight over meaty issues, we aren't aware of the right time inside the house. Arguments and losing our cool is but natural however, we do like each other, it's a family. The other day everyone was upset knowing Siddharth is unwell, it was birthday a few days ago and everyone made cake, people only see they don't see what is shown.

Shefali on shredding Bhau's letter

That's the issue, everyone saw how she shredded the letter that came from my family, no one saw how diligently Shefali took care of me when I was unwell, she gave me food and medicines on time. You do one mistake all the fingers are pointed towards you. While the good things you do are never shown or considered.


The one I show on YouTube is real, and so is in Bigg Boss. I can fake my image in BB for a time but can't fake all the time. I am how people are, for me, people in BB are like my family, I don't abuse when not necessary. I abuse on YouTube when I see someone not respecting my country or saying ill about my desh.

Take away

I never knew I would take away so much love and warmth and meet so many people. The show changed my image.

Who do you think will be evicted next?