Ranu Mondal and Himesh Reshammiya
Ranu Mondal and Himesh ReshammiyaTwitter

Viral singing sensation Ranu Mondal had to bear the wrath of heavy trolling after she was seen misbehaving with a fan in a viral video. "What does this mean? Iska matlab kya hai?" Ranu was heard saying to a female fan in the viral video after the latter suddenly tapped her shoulder from the back while requesting for a selfie.

The incident happened after music composer Himesh Reshammiya gave Ranu a break in the industry by recording a song with her. She had also undergone complete makeover thereafter and even paparazzi kept following her to click her photographs.

Irked by Ranu's behaviour, people had started trolling her for her insensitive behaviour with her fan saying that fame had gone to her head. Many people even apologised to legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar for trolling her after the latter asked Ranu to find her own voice rather than imitating her.

So when the media recently got a hold of Ranu's godfather Himesh Reshammiya, the music composer was asked to comment on Ranu's misbehaviour with her fan.

Himesh lost his cool over the question and replied, "I am not her (Ranu Mondal) manager that you are expecting me to answer such questions about her. Ranu is not the only person who I have given break in the industry. Lot of stars such as Darshan Raval, Shannon K, Palak Muchhal have been launched by me."

He later said that he was aware of the video wherein Ranu was seen misbehaving with a fan. However, he chose to remain tight-lipped and said that he is not a position to comment anything about Ranu and the media should ask her directly about what had transpired before and after the video was recorded.

Besides losing cool, Himesh also showered praise on Ranu and said that he will talk to some music directors and request them to give Ranu more songs to sing as she has a beautiful voice.