Punarnavi Bhupalam, Vithika Sheru, Varun Sandesh and Rahul Sipligunj
Punarnavi Bhupalam, Vithika Sheru, Varun Sandesh and Rahul SipligunjScreenshot of hotstar video

Punarnavi Bhupalam, Varun Sandesh, Vithika Sheru and Rahul Sipligunj were seen having a heated argument over nominating Himaja Reddy for elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 in the ninth week.

Punarnavi, Varun, Vithika and Rahul are good friends and they support each other. Be it a nomination or task, they discuss all the matters and make a decision and target one thing together. That is why they are popularly known as PVVR gang (initials of their names) on social media. In fact, there a fan following for this group outside Bigg Boss Telugu 3 on the social media.

But there was a clear divide in this PVVR group during the nomination process in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 this week. Varun Sandesh was supposed to sleep in a tub filled with dung to save Himaja Reddy from the nomination. He agreed to do it. But he could not tolerate the smell, as he felt like omitting.

While bringing a dustbin for him, Vithika slipped and fell down. She was taken inside the house by Rahul. Talking to others, she said that she was not happy with Varun saving her and that's why she acted. But Varun performed the task and saved Himaja from being nominated for eviction from Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Later, talking to Rahul in the telephone booth, Punarnavi said that she did not like Varun saving her.

After the nomination process was over, Big boss asked captain Vithika to nominate one contestant directly for elimination and reveal the reason for it. She said I am no taking anyone's name with hard feelings. I want to nominate Himaja because Mahesh ended up being in nominations due to her mistake. She is a strong contender. I hope she will be saved."

Himaja Reddy in Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Himaja Reddy in Bigg Boss Telugu 3Screenshot of hotstar video

Late in the night, PVVR gang was having dinner, when the difference of opinions over Varun saving Himaja arose and there was a heated argument over it. Varun said, "When a person gets a permanent ink, it is about giving back. That's what I feel. You have your opinion and I have mine."

He told Punarnavi, "Ever since I saved her, you are showing me attitude." Punnu argued, "I have my own problems and I am on it. How can you think I have a problem with what you did?" When he raised issue of her showing attitude, she said, "How can you say that? If I mentioned it there, check out the footage. Vithika! What did I even say?"

Varun is clearly angry with Punarnavi's attitude and he mentions the same while talking to Himaja and Vithika in the garden area. He argues with Vithika and defends his stand on saving Himaja. He stormed out saying, "Only she doesn't have problems. Others too have. She needs to understand."

The fight in the PVVR gang has fueled a debate on social media. Here is what viewers are saying about it on Twitter.

Vamc Krishna @heyiamVamc

#VarunSandesh this man today also he took his perfect stand on supporting #Himaja that when some one is getting inked permanently why can't he do that thing irrespective of the person, #punarnavi really u should be lucky to have a brother like him dont lose him #biggbosstelugu3

Sweety @Sweety111Sweety

#BiggBossTelugu3 when Varun Blaming infront of himaja and other Contestants vithika said "anduke nen muskoni Kurchuna ani " but she clearly said to SM yesterday that she will not do anything for Himaja. Both Navi and Vithika have Grudge on Himaja but portrayng like only navi had #Biggbosstelugu3 Himaja Did Not do the task well for Mahesh so she nominated good one. Varun to Punarnavi was bit harsh as he went to blame her infront of himaja only here i suspect varun and vithika played a game against navi or what ?

Rafi @smrafi99

#Varun strongly objected to what #Punarnavi said about his doing the task for the sake of saving #Himaja. Liked it a lot. He is Pakkaa Gentleman ! #BiggBossTelugu3

AreyEntraIdhi @AreyIdhi

Very true! Vithika nullified what varun did! Vitika never wanted varun to do that task for himaja! Malli varun ni fruit chesindi #BiggBossTelugu3

రాజేష్ యెమికె @rajeshyemike

himaja was obvious choice for vithika because she made mistake in the task while saving mahesh. so there shudn't b more discussion or thinking left. varun felt bad cos he did something odd or unusual to him #BiggBossTelugu3

HawkEye @Avenger_955

#BiggBossTelugu3 ​Punarnavi and Vithika crying on Himaja..​Varun gave the perfect reply and fired on punarnavi.. ​Once again Varun's Genuineness is Proved!!. ​Choose Strong one:-

Shwetha @shwetha0811

#Vithika doesn't like #Himaja n how can u expect her to save Himaja Vitika wasn't even ready to drink a glass of water to save Himaja (Vitika told to Sree) Think how much she hates Hima #BiggBossTelugu3

Sasi @sasidharanne

Inka Vithika Himaja ni nominate cheyyatam edaitho vundho adhi highlight , Varun antha kasta padi Save chesthey ala ela chesindho!! #Varun giving reality check to Purnanavi is nice #BiggBossTelugu3 #BiggBoss3Telugu

SaiMK @smkand25

Vithika has every right to nominate Himaja bcoz of the power. She doesn't like Himaja and it's her choice to nomiante. Himaja might have done the same had she had the same power. But sometime strategy should be applied. Nominating Sivajyothi would've been good #BiggBossTelugu3

Why that @HeeZG0ne

#Navi was clearly not happy that #Varun saved #Himaja from nominations.. But #Varun might have misunderstood #Navi being moody during the task.. She might be thinking about wat happened in her task and how it is being projected outside ‍♂️ #BiggBossTelugu3

Krishnan @krishnan89155

Vithika gave perfect reason for nominating Himaja. Varun might have sacrificed for any HM. If Vithika choose any other HM their sacrifice also wasted. #BiggBossTelugu3

Opinion_BB @OpinionBB1

Somehow I feel #Varun played an intelligent game yesterday to divert #Himaja nomination topic..Sad for Punnu as she might have discussed it thinking they are friends... Don't know why everyone hates Himaja...May be it's because of her wierd behaviour..#BiggBossTelugu3

siMha swapnaM @LakshmanPST

I actually agree with Punarnavi... Whom you're saving is also important in this task... Simply saving someone is idiotic... Varun is dumb to not understand this... #BiggBossTelugu3

bigbosslove @bigbosslove2

Also, Did anyone notice Vithika's face when Varun clearly looked happy saving Himaja in the nomination..? I dont get it why they have issues with her.. i totally love Himaja in the house.. one of my favs... #BiggBossTelugu3