David Lloyd
David Lloyd is one of the most entertaining people in cricketTwitter

Few people in the cricket world are as interesting and entertaining as David Lloyd, better known as Bumble, a former England batsman and coach, and now one of the leading commentators in the world. The brilliance of Lloyd as an entertainer came into spotlight again during the first Test between New Zealand and England at Mount Maunganui.

During the tea break, he and Ian Ward, working for British television network Sky Cricket were on the field and Ward got Lloyd to do his incredibly funny impersonation of one of yesteryears' umpires. The peculiar walk and mannerisms that Bumble displayed left Ward, and many watching at home in splits.

But that wasn't the end of the Bumble show. He then interacted with a group of New Zealand supporters who were playing cricket in one of the grass banks stands and decided to try his hand at batting. He faced three balls from one of group of fans and struck the last one a long way by playing a great flick.

This little episode once again proves that when it comes to providing entertainment alongside cricket, nobody beats our dear old Bumble.

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