Viral "speak English like Shashi Tharoor" tutorial has Cong MP in splits

The erudite Congress MP Shashi Tharoor continues to fascinate not only with his political acumen but also with the eloquence of his English. Recently, an Australian instructor named Jay took it upon himself to deconstruct Tharoor's speech, providing significant insights into the art of communicating in the style of the renowned politician. This film is a great examination of the fascinating world of 'Tharoor-ian English,' for those who have dabbled in it.

In this now-viral video, Jay from Australia praises Tharoor's linguistic prowess, calling his English "absolutely beautiful." The crux of the analysis is Tharoor's extraordinary ability to emphasize individual syllables inside phrases, endowing them with maximum strength and impact.

One thing that stands out from Jay's breakdown is how carefully Tharoor emphasizes certain syllables, choosing a more nuanced delivery over uniform pronunciation. According to Jay in the video, "So when it comes to pleasure, most youngsters nowadays prefer looking at a screen, their mobile phone or laptop, PlayStation or Nintendo."

The viral video got Tharoor's attention and even prompted a response. Check it out.

For those wishing to mimic Tharoor's distinct speaking style, this viral video doubles as an instructive guide. The video has generated a great deal of curiosity because it illuminates the intriguing subtleties that add to Shashi Tharoor's linguistic charisma in his communication style. What do you think?