Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon in 'Heropanti'Facebook/Heropanti

Tiger Shroff's debut film "Heropanti" has hit screens with mediocre reviews from critics. The film which is a masala entertainer also marks the debut of Kriti Sanon.

Director Sabbir Khan has nothing new to offer in the film. Like most of the romantic action drama films in Bollywood, "Heropanti" is also a modification of "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" or "Maine Pyar Kiya".

Tiger, son of actor Jackie Shroff, has impressed critics with his acrobatics and stunts but acting wise he failed to do it. Debutant Sanon has managed to fare positive reviews for her role.

Veteran actor Prakash Raj, who is playing the negative character in the film, has received flak for his role. Some critics have also given thumbs down to the director and the scriptwriter.

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Sneha May Francis of Emirates 24/7 said: "'Heropanti' is a quintessential Bollywood romance, where lovers have to fight the society, angry uncles and dominating fathers, who give love a bad name, to win over their ladylove.

"Not that one looks for logic in movies like these, but sometimes it's just tough to ignore. At one time, the girl finds herself locked in a room with the boys, but comfortably walks out the door even though the boys believe they are imprisoned.

"While Salman Khan's innocent love affair might've worked in the 80s, in 2014 we need a little more than six-abs and a slim waist to do the trick."

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama said: "Director Sabbir Khan brings all his tropes to the table -- ample twists, turns and melodrama, striking action pieces, ear-pleasing music, eye-filling locales and of course, the crackling chemistry of the lead pair. Borrowing a page out of the contemporary masala movies re-invented by Prabhu Dheva specifically, Sabbir presents an absorbing fare that hits the right notes as far as love stories are concerned.

"The writing hits a rough patch after a point, with the conflict between the lovers and the girl's stubborn parent being stretched slightly. Also, inserting a party song [while the search mission is on in Delhi] looks weird in the scheme of things.

"On the whole, HEROPANTI is designed as a launch pad for Tiger Shroff and it gives him ample opportunity to prove his credentials in his debut film. The good news is, he delivers a striking performance."

Vishal Verma of India Glitz said: "Tiger Shroff is certainly a talent waiting to be explored. He has the looks, the innocence, the exuberance, the physic and the art (read martial art) to stand as B-town new cute action hero who can also dance with heart.

"It's such a terrible mess. What was Sabbir Khan trying to do.. juggling Bollywood musical with martial arts action, comedy and forced melodrama and failing in all. How successfully he makes caricatures of characters make serious situations turn hilarious. Unintentionally funny.

"The promising Tiger Shroff sadly in his debut vehicle 'Heropanti' feels stranded in the middle of this mess beating everyone in his path, perhaps mistaking them for the writer and the director."

Paloma Sharma of Rediff.com said: "Sab ko aati nahi, meri jaati nahi," says Tiger Shroff time and again. Now you might think that he's talking about pimples or loose motions, but its really heropanti that he has in mind.

"Heropanti tries to deliver a highly confused sermon on love and freedom of choice, which ultimately comes down to much sasur-damaad (b)romance. Perhaps it was unitentional, naive writing but there comes a point towards the end of the film where you lean forward in your seat with your fists clenched tight, just waiting for them to kiss and get over with it.

"The film could do with more action and less drama."

Mihir Fadnavis of Firstpost said: "The best thing that could be said about Heropanti is that it is not as terrible as Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar films. The second best thing about it is that Tiger Shroff may be effeminate, but he's a likable guy who can do some truly amazing stunts. This is where the positive aspects of Heropanti end, because everything else in the movie is a raging river of stupidity."

Mohar Basu of Koimoi.com said: "Tiger Shroff's dialogue delivery, Prakash Raj's hammy over the top melodramatic acting is plain distasteful. The absence of screenplay quite adds on to the film's negatives. But the worst of the minuses has to be Tiger Shroff himself. Jackie Dada's cub is a sheer disappointment."

"Heropanti doesn't quite offer you a valid reason to watch it. The acting department is terrible. If you are expecting great action moves, you'll be left disappointed as the trailer had shown them all. If a few action moves were missed, watch the dance pieces of the Shroff cub. The dance and the fight​s​ are done in the same breath almost. I agree, Kriti Sanon tried to light up the screen with her ravishing presence but with the story that doomed, there's barely anything left to save. By the time the film's last credits rolled down, I realized the movie was just my 'Bura Waqt' – Jo sabka aata nahin and hamara jaata nahin! ​"