After blockbuster Irumbu Thirai, PS Mithan has collaborated with Sivakarthikeyan in Hero. It is a superhero movie, produced by Kotapadi J Rajesh and distributed by KJR Studios, who tasted massive success with Ajith Kumar's Viswasam earlier this year.

Once again, PS Mithran has opted for a multi-starrer movie in which Bollywood actor Abhay Deol is doing the negative role and Arjun Sarja, who was seen in the villain's role in Irumbu Thirai, enacting an important character.

Kalyani Priyadarshan, daughter of veteran filmmaker Priyadarshan and actress Lizzy, is making her debut in Hero. Ivana, Robo Shankar and others are part of the cast. The film has Yuvan Shankar Raja's music, George C Williams' cinematography and Ruben's editing.

Sivakarthikeyan's Hero
Sivakarthikeyan's Hero.PR Handout

Hero tries to throw light on the current education system and Sakthi (Sivakarthikeyan) tries to safeguard it from Mahdev, who uses not education but students as his business. The drama that unfolds after the superhero takes on the gatekeeper of corporate lobbying forms the crux of the story.

After the success of Namma Veettu Pillai, Sivakarthikeyan is returning with Hero. It is a superhero movie targeted at family audience and especially, kids. The trailer has managed to evoke positive response from the viewers. Will it live up to the expectations?

Check it out in the audience's words below:

Kaushik LM: #Hero - 3.5/5. Isai Arasan
@thisisysr's BG score is of the highest order. They shd release the OST soon. Goosebumps moments galore, in the score
Technically a high class film; just what's required for a high-concept, msg-oriented superhero flick about education & innovation
@akarjunofficial adds sparks to the film whenever he is onscreen
@AbhayDeol is a welcome addition to Kollywood, as a suave, cold blooded antagonist. The young kids playing the student scientists are all very good.
@Siva_Kartikeyan can feel proud of this film
A film which will be ideal for young students during this yearend vacations. It'll inspire them to innovate & indulge in disruptive thinking. They can be superheroes with their ideas
High on msgs & also scores well as a film.
#Gentleman meets #3Idiots. Do watch
Has a consistently high quality 2nd half, with some moments & sequences going overboard.
A worthy followup to #IrumbuThirai by @Psmithran @Siva_Kartikeyan & @kjr_studios have a winner hand. A socially conscious, topical & hard-hitting entertainer from the team
@Psmithran proves again that he is a technically sound filmmaker with a strong social voice
@InfinitMaze tharam Energetic @Siva_Kartikeyan's character arc has nice transitions
@AbhayDeol is a villain exploiting students' intellect
@akarjunofficial huge plus
#Hero 1st half: Very good so far, with a terrific interval block. The core theme revolving around education works very well. Ivana episode elevates the film bigtime
@thisisysr BGM & @george_dop camera work - Top Takkar
There are just some minor deviations from the core plot

Sathish Kumar: #Hero A Commercial Film which conveys that our educational system has to be changed with lots of message oriented scenes and dialogues. A must needed message to eacn and every parent is conveyed in the pre-climax scene. @Siva_Kartikeyan & #Ivana impresses with their performances ‬

‪#Hero - Director #Mithran has tried to give a commercial entertainer with an important message to the society regarding Education. Screenplay could have been better. Dialogues was good. Kudos to @Siva_Kartikeyan & director for creating huge awareness regarding our education.

S Abishek Raaja: #Hero is a very special film because, it doesn't just lament, it gives you a bright solution to go ahead with life.
@Psmithran is a superhero.
@Siva_Kartikeyan is a superhero.
@akarjunofficial is a superhero.
@kalyanipriyan is a superhero.
@thisisysr is a superhero 

Alagan: #Hero conveys India needs Innovation...
@Psmithran Hats off for scripting a story around it...
@kjr_studios banking a huge amount for it...Quality product delivered..Hope our reviewer's won't ditch this one...

Sreedhar Pillai: This #Hero a winner all the way, smart writing & packaging in commercial format.
@Psmithran & his writers done a good job about what's wrong in our educational system and remedies to rectify it. @Siva_Kartikeyan is fab @akarjunofficial & @AbhayDeol
@kalyanipriyan aptly cast.

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #Hero Interval - All it needs is 50% Of first half to become a clean blockbuster. Writing, art, cinematography and performance at its best !! So far so tight and to the point !! .

Ramesh Bala: #Hero [3.5/5] :
@thisisysr once again proves he is the king of BGM..
@george_dop excellent work.. So is Production design
@InfinitMaze #Hero [3.5/5] :
@kalyanipriyan's role is mostly restricted to first half..
Her romantic scenes with Siva are cute.. A good debut in Tamil..
@AbhayDeol delivers a solid performance..
#Ivana provides good support..
#Hero [3.5/5] : @Siva_Kartikeyan has done justice to his role.. He has done something different for the first time..
Together with @akarjunofficial, both of them elevate the movie..
The movie is sort of a sequel to #Gentleman
@akarjunofficial is almost a Parallel hero..
#Hero [3.5/5] : How vested interests keep India as a country that only produces "Educated Labor " and not Self thinkers and innovators..
Very good Concept.. Neat Execution.. Self-thinkers are Super Heroes..
#Hero 1st Half : @thisisysr BGM is Thaaru Maaru..
The subject is universal.. Will resonate with everyone..
Has Dir #Shankar movie feel.. Which is a big plus..
#Hero 1st Half: About Education Mafia.. Also, a larger concept/Big picture about Intellectual theft..
Interesting and Engaging so far..
@Siva_Kartikeyan has both light and heavy duty scenes.. He is doing them perfectly..
@kalyanipriyanis good..
@akarjunofficial is

Suganth: PS Mithran does an M Night Shyamalan! #Hero is to #Gentleman what #Split was to #Unbreakable - an insidiously made sequel.

Rajasekar: #Hero - Despite being a mass hero, @Siva_Kartikeyan has allowed
@akarjunofficial to enjoy an equal scope in the film. Laudable and a great move from SK

Haricharan Pudipeddi: Halfway through #Hero.
@Psmithran gives us a story that knows how to take up an issue and handle it in a way that doesn't scream preachy. Some solid emotional moments and we get introduced to the superhero angle at the right juncture. @Siva_Kartikeyan

Rajasekar: #Hero first half - All set for the superhero scenes now. Waiting!
#Hero - 3/5, A message oriented vigilante Superhero film.
@Psmithran has handled a relevant message on the current educational system by paying a tribute to
@shankarshanmugh's #Gentleman.
The Hero- Gentleman combo @Siva_Kartikeyan
@akarjunofficial rocks
#Hero - Despite being a mass hero,
@Siva_Kartikeyan has allowed
@akarjunofficial to enjoy an equal scope in the film. Laudable and a great move from SK
@Psmithran's fact based screenplay does the magic.
@Siva_Kartikeyan- #Ivana episode brings in the emotional quotient
- the romantic angle falls flat but the writing team scores well in the rest of the scenes.
-elevation sequence for @akarjunofficial

Sidhu: #Hero: Happy. A fair social message-driven drama with a superhero element as the x-factor. The epic
@Siva_Kartikeyan @akarjunofficial
combo along with some excellent technical work makes this a fine watch!
#Hero Interval: Smashing. @Psmithran takes his time to build the emotional cores for all the characters, and then goes all guns blazing at the halfway mark. Top show from
@Siva_Kartikeyan, Arjun, Ivana,
@george_dop and @thisisysr so far, LOVED the pre-interval episode!