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Depite the emergence of the MeToo movement in India and several protests against the prevalence of casting couch in the entertainment industry, popular Malayalam actress Sajitha Madathil was recently asked by a Tamil film industry professional if she was ready for compromises and adjustments.

In a Facebook post, Madathil had written about the unpleasant experience that she had with a person who had identified himself as Karthik working as an assistant director in Tamil movies. In an attempt to expose the man for his wrong behaviour, Madathil even highlighted the phone number from which Karthik had called her.

"The call came on Monday asking me details about my films and after a while came the unexpected statement - 'are you ready for compromises and adjustments?'. This was a shock to me," Madathil told IANS on Wednesday.

She added, "Later, through someone known to me, he said he is prepared to apologise, and also said I was mistaken. I made my stand clear and said I wish to know the reason why he is apologizing to which I got no response."

"At the moment I am busy with other things, and I have not given a thought on what my next move should be with regards to this behavior, which is not at all acceptable," she concluded.

Madathil began her career in theatre way back in the late 1980s, making her mark in Malayalam movies beginning in the late 1990s, and has more than 30 films to her credit so far.

She has also won several awards, which includes the Kerala state award for the second best actress in the 2013 film "Shutter".

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