America's Got Talent is one show that never ceases to amaze viewers. The show has been running on prime time television for many seasons and has many a time shocked fans and judges alike.

One of the best moments on the show so far would be on the show's newest episode when one of the judges, Sofia Vergara, runs off the stage crying. The Modern Family star took to her official Instagram account to share a short clip of from Tuesday night's episode.

She captioned the clip as," ayyy yay yay!!! That was crazy! We don't do this in Colombia #AGT" The episode stars contestant, Brett Loudermilk, a sword swallower inviting Sofia to help him with his act on stage. Brett swallowed a long sword, asking Sofia to pull it out for him when he winked at her. Little did Sofia know what she was getting into and panicked at the very sight of the act.

The contestant jokingly pretended to hurt himself once. This shocked the 47 year old Colombian actress so much that she ran off the stage. The show's host Terry Crews had to literally push her back up on the stage.

The actress constantly kept saying, "No, I beg you, I can't." Brett was quirky enough to engage with the judge and entertain the audience by telling her, "What part of 'when I wink' did you not understand?"

The actress finally gathered the courage to pull out the sword. But the viewers do not know what happened in the end yet. The clip that Sofia shared was only the beginning portion of the act.

The contestant too shared the video on his social media with a caption, "The video released today is a cliffhanger, it's so crazy. You're not going to believe what happens next, but like you won't ... It was certainly something I never planned for and I even surprised myself."