The Bachelor

The second episode of ABC's The Bachelor starring Nick Viall ended with Liz being eliminated from the show after Viall started questioning her decision to appear on the show.

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Viall and Liz met at Jade and Tanner's wedding in early 2016 and the duo had a one-night stand. But Liz refused to give her number to Viall, who had appeared on two seasons of The Bachelorette before their encounter. But Liz's appearance on The Bachelor surprised Viall who pointed out that she had several months to reach out to him. He also expressed doubts that she may be using him to become famous.

"That's definitely not true," Koryn Rigotti, Liz's sister, told Radar Online. "We talked through that when she found out he was The Bachelor. She was truly interested in seeing if she should give him a chance."

According to Rigotti, Liz did not reach out to Viall after their first encounter because she "was not at the right time in her life to commit to a relationship. "She's a very positive, kind person," Rigotti said of her sister. "She's quick to forgive and realise it is what it is. She isn't wallowing in her sorrow. She's like, 'Yeah it stinks and hard to watch.' That doesn't define her as a person."

The previous episode saw Viall refusing to give Liz a chance to see if there could be something between the two. "I think about the night that we had and how much fun we had," he said while eliminating her. "To me, I had a great time. When you made the decision I said goodbye. Thinking about the relationships I've been forming… there are other things going on with other women. I have the clarity I've been looking for and I just don't think we have a future."

The next episode will see how the other contestant reacts to the news of Viall and Liz's past.

The Bachelor 2017 airs Mondays on ABC.