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Trusted Teller

Ever sat up late at night and thought about all the plans that you have for your future? How will you get married? Who you will get married to and how your life will turn out to be?

These are some questions that go through everyone's mind at some point in their life where they might feel lost, or they feel like they aren't progressing, and even feeling like things are not as great with their romantic partners. There isn't a lot of help that physicians can give in these situations and that's where Astrology and Kundali matching comes in.

A science that, when performed by a Trusted Teller plays an important role and continues to do so when it comes to making life decisions and marriage in India.

As superstitious as it sounds, Kundali matching is the process of the marriage making chart where the birth charts of the two potential partners are matched.

A birth chart or a Kundali consists of everything that a person is made of and can be used to predict the future of said individual to an extent. When it is time for the union of two souls, the match between the Kundali charts of the couple plays an important role in determining how their married life will turn out to be.

A Janam kundali is created by considering an individual's date of birth, name, birth time, and birthplace.

Through the calculations, the astrologer of Trusted Teller establishes the planetary positions, stars, and other celestial bodies that encircle a person's life.

The chart reveals everything from health and sickness, obstacles as well as remedies to overcome any issues that an individual might face in their life.

When two people's kundali is matched, their compatibility, happiness, family, etc are revealed. If there are any hurdles to face, there are rituals and remedies to resolve said issues.

Kundali matching before marriage describes how the life of the couple will be and how they are going to lead it.

People who are in love, often tend to loathe, dislike or avoid the concept of kundali matching because they build a fear that it is a barrier between their love if the result turns out to be negative, against their favor.

The role of an Astrologer is to make sure that they shower the individuals with the best results and remedies to eliminate hurdles and fight against the negative vibes and effects that have the potential to destroy the person's relationships. If the relationship could turn out to be fatal, that is also revealed through the predictions.

Kundali matching is a boon in disguise and with the reading of a genuine astrologer, life after marriage tends to flourish like a dream marriage that one has aspired for.