Neera product
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The Kerala government is pushing to revive the Neera brand and decided to enhance the standardized production and marketing.

"The administration has additionally chosen to shape an advisory group to facilitate the activities of 29 organizations producing Neera," said Kerala Agriculture Minister VS Sunil Kumar.

Two committees have been constituted under the agriculture department to make uniform strategies for its marketing and this soft drink in tetra packs will hit the markets in seven months' time, the minister added.

Kumar also ensured government's assistance to farmers for the production and marketing of the drink. From next financial year, 29 Neera farmer producer companies will start the production with the aid of state Technology Mission on Coconut.

Neera is tapped from palm trees just before dawn. Marketing Neera under a unified brand was primarily initiated by the UDF government. The agricultural minister has now confirmed the LDF government's visions to take the strategies forward.

As of now, the specialized help for extraction and handling of the wellbeing drink is given by the Coconut Development Corporation, Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, and the Agricultural University. The board for the unification of principles includes specialists speaking to these three organizations.

The board of trustees would present its answer to the legislature within two weeks.

The state government has reserved Rs 75 lakh for Neera. More tasks will be actualized through the Coconut Mission in the following budget plan.