Facts about Demi RoseIBTimes IN
Facts about Demi RoseIBTimes IN
The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed thousands of lives so far and leaving lakhs infected. Considering their unsafety, several artists are postponing their tours. However, it seems Justin Bieber is still planning to continue with his Changes tour and according to HollywoodLife, wife Hailey Baldwin is all by his side before he hits the road in May.

"Hailey completely supports Justin no matter what he decides to do in terms of his Changes tour, but her main concern, of course, is his health and happiness. She knows how hard he's been rehearsing and putting so much time into making it perfect," the portal quoted a source as saying.

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As long as he's happy and stays safe, that's all that matters

The source added, "Hailey understands that the last thing Justin would ever want to do is let the fans down. No plans have been changed at the moment and he's still rehearsing and moving forward with the tour until he's told something needs to be modified or changed. But as long as he's happy and stays safe, that's all that matters."

For the unversed, Justin had shared a video on his Instagram on March 12, where he was seen doing rehearsals in a dance studio. "Justin is ready to roll and go on tour and Hailey supports him all the way.

But in the chance the venues putting on the shows or the states where they take place to make him cancel, he will abide by anything that is presented to him. But he intends to go on tour if allowed. He just has to take things day by day and if he has to reschedule or cancel then he will. But his goal is to move forward with his tour," the portal quoted a second source as saying.

Justin's tour is set to begin on May 14 at Seattle's CenturyLink Field.