Abu Dujana
Abu Dujana, the LeT terrorist who was shot dead by security forces in Pulwama on Tuesday.Facebook

Security forces had tried their best to convince the Kashmir commander of Lashker-e-Taiba (LeT), Abu Dujana, to surrender before they gunned him down in an encounter in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir.

He was reportedly trapped inside a house in Hakripora village. According to reports, Dujana had rejected a call for surrender from an Indian Army officer.  

The conversation started off with Abu Dujana's denial to surrender and this is how the rest of the conversation unfurled:

(The transcript is according to the News 18 report)

Security Officer: Why don't you surrender?

Abu Dujana: I won't surrender, have to die one day... today or tomorrow, it doesn't matter.

Security Officer: Leave everything, you know the situation now. It's a game.

Abu Dujana: I'm not here to play a game. I'm taking my own path.

Security Officer: You have married this girl...

Abu Dujana: I haven't married anyone. It's a lie.

Security Officer: Think about yourself. You have your parents...

Abu Dujana: I've left my parents.

Security Officer: You are not dying for them. You say yes, and I'll facilitate (your) surrender.

Abu Dujana: What else... how are you?

Security Officer: This is not the time to this. We are fine...

Abu Dujana: (laughs) Sometimes you are ahead, sometimes we are. You have caught us. Congratulations...

Security Officer: This is not jihad. You know that.

Abu Dujana: What can we do? Nothing can happen now.

Security Officer: Then surrender. You will only guide other people. Only then will this bloodshed end.

Abu Dujana: I'm not responsible for the bloodshed. You know that.

Security Officer: You are the main commander. You should tell people about the reality. Otherwise, Kashmiris will keep dying.

Abu Dujana: Okay. I will see...

Security Officer: You should think about it...

Take Dujana's body

The Jammu and Kashmir Police had approached the Pakistan High Commission asking them to claim the body of Abu Dujana. This was the first time that the Pakistan High Commission was approached to claim the body of a terrorist.

Kashmir's Inspector General of Police (IGP) said that if Pakistan does not claim Dujana's body, then it would be sent for burial. He further added that the authorities wished that Dujana's parents saw him before burial, according to an NDTV report.

Police refused to hand over Dujana's body to civilians saying that "there was no reason to hand over to locals, the body of somebody who did not belong to the Kashmir Valley," NDTV reported.