Amir Syed
Amir SyedPR Handout

In the world of ever-progressing internet and social media, viral content is like every social marketer's fantasy. However, all that glitters is not gold. In the present scenario, with so many available platforms, all one needs is to hope and pray for the viral content to find you. Basically, not all fantasies come true, do they? But at times, it comes to life.

Amir Syed's understanding of social media and content goes way back to his childhood. As a teen, he mostly spent his time on the internet, surfing on Orkut and making blogs, websites and watching tons of movies. Amir turned his passion into a profession.

Amir's social media skills and his love for movies gave him an idea of creating a successful record by fans for fans. It ranges from listicles to theory and fan edited videos.

"Our content defines our project which attracts fans like a magnet. We have developed a great understanding of our users over the past two years. Content is all that matters and anything that goes on our network is produced with the highest quality possible. We still have a long way to go. The journey has just begun," quipped Amir.