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Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill took to Instagram to share a heartwarming message on the occasion of Superman's 80th birthday. The DC's Extended Universe's Superman marked the DC superhero's birthday with a picture from artist Eddie Liu's 2015 "Old Heroes" series.

The actor, who was last seen playing the superhero role in Justice League, took the opportunity thank the character to have left a positive influence on him. He wrote, "He's [Superman] certainly changed me, given me hope, allowed me space to push myself beyond the limits of my patience."

Cavill also took the opportunity to thank the creators and those comic book writers who developed the DC superhero character further. He said, "A huuuuge thank you to the incredibly talented artists and writers over the years who have given us so much. Within us, Superman will now live no matter how old he gets. Happy Birthday my friend."

The message left fans' hearts fuzzy with several taking to the comments section and share their thoughts. "Ur speech omg it's tearing me up Happy Birthday Superman," a comment read.

"Incredibly well said! Thank you for inspiring me and giving me hope in my life. You're a part of his lineage. To me, you're Superman," added another. "A simple heart is not enough!! U just described everything superman is to me!!! Thank you for being such an excellent portrayal of him!" a fan shared.

While fans celebrated Superman's birthday with images from different comics and representations, Shazam! actor Zachary Levi chose to troll way to wish the DC superhero. Levi marked the occasion by sharing a comic image of Shazam fighting Superman from the comics.

He tagged Cavill on the post and captioned it, "Happy birthday, old man! You don't look a day past 75. Now stop running into my fist!"