Hell's Kitchen
Will Blue team bag the black jacket in 'Hell's Kitchen' season 13?Facebook/Hell's Kitchen

When the renowned chef Gordon Ramsay and 12 contestants of "Hell's Kitchen" return on Fox, the viewers will get the taste of Italian dishes.

The official synopsis of "Hell's Kitchen" season 13 episode 7 titled "12 Chefs Compete" reads, "The teams are tasked to create dishes inspired by Italian operas, after which the winners receive a shopping trip and a VIP dinner in West Hollywood. Later, the chefs prepare Italian food for special guests during the dinner service."

The last six episodes of "Hell's Kitchen" indicate that the cooking competition is becoming tougher for the Red team. The female contestants have already lost four of their team members, namely Denine Giordano, Janai Simpson, Kalen Morgenstern and Katie McKeown.

In the last episode of the cooking show, the most promising contestant of the Red team Ashley Sherman was also kicked out of the kitchen. Ramsay asked her to stay upstairs until the contestants finish their dinner service as she sent raw scallop to him, reported The Express Times.

In the next episode of "Hell's Kitchen", five women contestants of the Red team will have to compete with eight men from the Blue team.

As the show progresses towards its finale, the Blue team is proving their ability to be worthy of the life changing reward of the black jacket.

However, the TV World will have to watch few more episodes of "Hell's Kitchen" to find out the winner of season 13.

Meanwhile, the 12 contestants of "Hell's Kitchen" season 13 episode 7 are Aaron Lhamon, Brian Santos, Bryant Gallaher, Fernando Cruz, Frank Bilotti, JR Robinson, Sterling Wright, Steve Rosenthal, Ashley Sherman, Jennifer Salhoff, La Tasha McCutchen, Roe DiLeo and Sade Dancy.

Mark the calendar to know more about the winner of "12 Chefs Compete" and the name of the contestant to be eliminated in the next level.