Apart from curbing iron deficiency in women, dates got many more health benefits!Reuters

Dates have some amazing health benefits which makes it a must to eat them daily. Even consuming three dates a day, can improve your health drastically, and also boost your immune system, while keeping health disorders and ailments at bay.

Here are five amazing benefits of eating dates:

Curbs anaemia

Dates help in boosting the iron levels in your blood which aids in curbing anaemia. This fruit is extremely beneficial for women as they lose blood every month because of their menstrual cycles. Anaemia leaves one feeling tired and exhausted. You can replenish the iron deficiency in your blood just by popping in some dates on the daily.

Betters digestion

Dates are fibrous; the fibres it got are soluble which aids in grasping more water in the digestive tract which combats constipation. It enhances the bowel movement in your stomach while making the good bacteria present in the tummy stronger. Dates also help in fighting diarrhoea and loose motions. Its found that foods that are brown in colour enhance digestion.

Boosts energy

Switch to dates instead of gulping energy drinks and energy bars. You can have dates at any hour of the day and refuel your body with this energy giving fruit which is high on glucose, fructose and sucrose. Next time you feel completely exhausted you know what to have to regain your energy.

Enhances Immunity

Dates are rich in selenium, which is an anti-cancerous mineral, along with manganese and magnesium. Apart from fighting cancer these minerals also help in improving the bone health and blood too. Dates provide you with these multiple health benefits along with providing you a great taste.

Improves heart health

Dates are found to be amazing for people with heart ailments. This fruit contains potassium which minimises the risk of heart stroke. It also depletes the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL (low-density lipoprotein).

We need not give you any more reasons to eat this delightful fruit. Relish on it while boosting your health in so many ways.