Water way
[Representational Image] World leaders appear in mysterious canal as ornaments.Pixabay

A mysterious waterway in Edo state of Nigeria apparently allows world leaders to communicate with the ancestors through sea god with the help of a priest.

Prince Tony Eweka, the chief priest of Ogievie Shrine, has said that politicians from various parts of the globe appear in the strange canal as ornaments to discuss sensitive matters with him.

"A small water trough in the palace has been a kind of point of convergence where on a regular basis, I get letters (at the last count, about 50 of such mystery letters have been received), giving me directives on things that I should do, and in some other instances, bringing anointing oil, chaplets and other spiritual ornaments," Vanguard quoted the chief priest as saying.

"In some instances, some former world leaders come here through the water trough. They appear as ornaments to hold sensitive talks with me on how to move the world forward," he added.

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Eweka then revealed that the waterway is built on the land, which was gifted to him by the Benin Monarch, His Royal Majesty, Omo N'Oba N'Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Erediauwa.

"A lot of mysteries have been going on around the palace. We have experienced countless number of miracles such as healing of terminal sicknesses, the barren being blessed with healthy children, cure for different kinds of illnesses and breaking ancestral curses," he recalled.

The chief priest has also said that the world leaders and messages from ancestors appear at odd hours and it helps him to guide people through a path of happiness.

"I want the world to hear this; it has gone beyond human comprehension. Most times, the messages and the spiritual ornaments are made manifest at odd hours and unannounced. Nobody comes to the Ogievie with tears and leaves with tears, people come here from all parts of the world to receive healing or get blessed," he claimed.