Chord Mojo
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Those looking to invest in a good headphone amplifier for getting more out of high-quality audio files and high-end headphones can now look towards Chord. A leader in audio equipment, Chord has dropped their Mojo headphone amplifier on Indian shores via Headphone Zone.

While high-end headphones and high-quality audio files do offer a better sound experience, the amplifier built into the device playing the music may not always do justice to them. Additionally, the audio played back may not be as loud as one might like it to be. A headphone amplifier addresses both these issues by delivering a better signal to one's headphones.

The Chord Mojo is a headphone amplifier that blends performance and a small form-factor to present high quality audio delivered via USB, co-axial or an optical input.

Sitting in between your music playback device and the audio output, up to two pairs of headphones or earphones can be plugged into the Chord Mojo. Music encoded at up to 768kHz can be played back via the Mojo.

The battery inside the Mojo can be charged via a separate micro USB port and a charging time of four hours is enough to keep it running for up to 10.

The Chord Mojo is reportedly sold exclusively via Headphone Zone and carries a price tag of Rs. 39,990.