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Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has come under attack by Rajinikanth fans over his comments on the release of Kaala in Karnataka. He had claimed that the timing of the film's release in Karnataka was not good, while admitting that it was his responsibility to ensure the movie gets a trouble-free release.

"As head of the Karnataka government, it's my responsibility to implement the judgements and directions of the High Court. But according to my observation as an individual, in this kind of atmosphere, it's not good on part of the producer, distributor to release the movie", said Mr Kumaraswamy.

From his experience of a film distributor and producer, HD Kumaraswamy felt that the movie will not be a successful venture if released at this point of time and ideally it should hit the screens once the issue around Cauvery is resolved.

His comments have been criticised, with many saying that HD Kumaraswamy should be reminded that he is the Chief Minister of Karnataka and not the President of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce.

Here, we bring you the reactions of the people, who were upset with HD Kumaraswamy's comments on Rajinikanth's Kaala:

Raju: #Kaala Its a shame! Spineless CM of Karnataka #HDKumaraSwamy instead assuring complete protection against fringe groups, is asking producers & distributors not to release the movie now in Karnataka & release it after the #CauveryIssue is done with. Does he deserve to be a CM?

Farrago Abdullah: Indira, Rajiv, Sonia and now Congress alliance forces distributers not to release the Movie. Time for @prakashraaj to leave Karnataka.

Silpaans: Will follow court orders and give protection to all theatres.. but request all distributors to avoid releasing #Kaala -#Kumaraswamy
Neenga ethana peru venaalum vaanga aana oru appan ku porandhurundha ovvoruthan ah vaanga da..
#karnataka #KaalaIssue #Rajinikanth

anant mahajan: Sir @hd_kumaraswamy its ur job to make sure law n order prevails in KA. by siding with fringe n supporting unconstitutional ban on #kaala u r just following footsteps of @siddaramaiah who also failed in d same.
@ganeshchetan @dp_satish @srivatsayb @prakashraaj @DanishSait

Ramachandra.M/ ರಾಮಚಂದ್ರ.ಎಮ್::  @hd_kumaraswamy paying heed to the rabble rousers and succumbing to their antics, is deplorable. What's his think tank doing. Don't they know that banning a movie is unconstitutional. Hope better sense prevails and the CM atones at the earliest.

Suhruta Yajaman: "this kind of atmosphere" What is this kind @hd_kumaraswamy avare? Ask law enforcement agencies to rein in on vigilantes, isn't that your responsibility?

ari olla: All the camera posing with @ikamalhaasan & speeches about collective interest goes to drain if you @hd_kumaraswamy can't control goons at home that are disrupting peace. "As a Kannadiga" ask them to release Kaaala in Kannada, don't support ban!

Sumanth Raman: So his role as head of the Govt. should logically supercede what he thinks as an individual, right?

Priyanka: Is #HDKumaraswamy a Chief Minister or the President of KFCC? I think he is yet to come out from the hangover as a producer/distributor #Kaala

T S Sudhir: #Karnataka CM allows the other 'government' in Karnataka to hold the state to ransom. The people may well have elected Vatal Nagaraj to power. This is not how you expect the CM of a state to react. #Kaala

Ganesh Chetan: It is absolutely unnecessary & irresponsible on the part of the Kumaraswamy to endorse the views of Sa Ra Govindu. Kumaraswamy should remember that he is the Chief Minister of the state and not speak like a KFCC office bearer. He should uphold the law of the land. It is his duty.

Nonetheless, the advance booking of Kaala is yet to be commenced. It is likely to be released in a few multiplexes.