"Hay Day," the freemium mobile farming game from "Clash of Clans" developer Supercell has received a new optional update meant for Android users.

Supercell had released a huge update for "Hay Day" last week that had brought new content to the game. But sadly the Android users had to face crash issues and players were unable to see the images of their Facebook friends. The company had deployed a temporary fix.

This new option update fixes the missing Facebook avatar images, noted a Forum post.

Currently, the update is available in Google Play, Samsung Store and will soon be released in the Amazon Store.

Meanwhile, Supercell also announced "Hay Day" Special Diamond Packages, which would be available from June 27 to July 3. These packages according to the Forum post come with an exclusive decoration: "Bag of Diamonds" - Balloons, "Sack of Diamonds" - Pinata and "Chest of Diamonds" - Bouncy Castle.

Supercell had released a huge update to "Hay Day," last week, which included Neighbourhood Trading, New Trees - Orange and Peach, New Crops - Onions and Tea leaves, New Buildings - Tea Stand & Taco Kitchen, Summer Theme and many more.