"Hay Day," the freemium mobile farming game from "Clash of Clans" developer Supercell, has received a new update, Summer 2016 for Android and iOS device users.

In the run up to the release, Supercell had revealed some of the highlights of the new update through its Sneak Peek, which revealed that the game would be getting new trees, neighbourhood trading, plant onions and tea leaves, new machines, 23 new products and the Summer theme.

It further notes that the update brings new derby tasks where players are going to be given the objective of specific production and town visits. The company has mentioned that it has made some chat improvements, fixes to edit mode and system stability improvements.

Supercell noted that this update is being rolled out "all around the globe gradually" and has asked players to be patient.

Here are the full patch notes as revealed in its forum post:

Introducing: Neighbourhood Trading!

  • Tap on your new neighbourhood birdhouse to request crops and products without worrying about anyone snatching them away!
  • Help out your neighbourhood friends with their requests, earn XP and gain access to exclusive neighbourhood titles to show off (refreshed on a weekly basis).
  • Unlock awesome visual improvements to your neighbourhood area by completing new Neighbourhood Trading achievements.

Other community requested features

  • New derby tasks: Complete specific production and town visitor tasks.
  • New crops: Plant Onions and Tea leaves.
  • New trees: Grow beautiful Orange and Peach trees.
  • New machines: brew six different aromatic teas in the Tea Stand and create four original and tasty dishes in the Taco Kitchen.
  • New products: added a whopping 13 new products to your pre-existing machines.
  • Improved neighbourhood search: now you have a unique tag for your neighbourhood, so new members can easily search for it.

Additional features

  • Things are heating up! The summer theme is here again!
  • Chat improvements: enabled native keyboard, and reversed chat direction support.
  • Edit mode fixes and system stability improvements.
  • Stay tuned for our birthday celebration starting from June 24!

Previously, Supercell had listed all the 23 new productsfor both the new machines in the game and the level at which they unlock. Here is the full list:

  • Grilled Onion – Unlocks at Level 68
  • Onion Dog – Unlocks at Level 80
  • Orange Sorbet – Unlocks at Level 78
  • Peach Ice Cream – Unlocks at Level 83
  • Marmalade – Unlocks at Level 74
  • Peach Jam – Unlocks at Level 79
  • Orange Juice – Unlocks at Level 71
  • Peach Tart – Unlocks at Level 76
  • Fruit Salad – Unlocks at Level 82
  • Summer Salad – Unlocks at Level 84
  • Salsa – Unlocks at Level 77
  • Mixed Smoothie – Unlocks at Level 88
  • Onion Soup – Unlocks at Level 72
  • Taco – Unlocks at Level 77
  • Fish Taco – Unlocks at Level 79
  • Quesadilla – Unlocks at Level 82
  • Nachos – Unlocks at Level 87
  • Green Tea – Unlocks at Level 80
  • Milk Tea – Unlocks at Level 81
  • Honey Tea – Unlocks at Level 83
  • Lemon Tea – Unlocks at Level 86
  • Orange Tea – Unlocks at Level 89
  • Iced Tea – Unlocks at Level 92

Devices crashing after update

Supercell has taken note of players being affected by issues like crashes following the release of the new update.

The company has released a list of the issues that are being affected in the game:

  • New crops, Tea Leaves and Onions issue cost diamonds immediately though there should have been 3 free ones of each. The issue has not been fixed for those who installed the game early on, but it has been for those who have had not opened the game between two of the maintenance. Supercell promised those facing issues will be compensated by donating the missing crops. It noted that it is compensating affected players with 10 diamonds until it has something better.
  • The event changed from a global fishing event to boat orders. This meant that everyone who participated and reached the global goal missed out 5 diamonds. Supercell has donated back 5 diamonds to all the affected players.

Supercell advised those facing crashes on Android and RSS/Newspapers to try and disconnect from Facebook in the game.

Temporary fix issued

Supercell has noted on its Forum post that it has come up with a temporary fix for Android crash issues. It also noted that players will not be able to see the images of their Facebook friends for some time, and it is preparing an optional update for this too. The optional update will be released on June 22.