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This Friday's episode of police procedural drama Hawaii Five-0 on CBS will focus on the struggle that native Hawaiians go through today. Watch the episode live at 9pm EST on CBS.

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Ka Laina Ma Ke One (Line in the Sand) deals with a fugitive seeking asylum in the Nation of Hawaii. The promo for the episode shows the US Marshals and the Five-0 crew in a stand-off, with the H50 team trying to convince guest star Lou Diamond Phillips that he does not have jurisdiction in the Nation of Hawaii.

"The concept was to come up with a storyline that would allow the audience to understand more about the sovereign country within the state. So a diplomatic standoff felt like the right way into that world," Hawaii Five-0 producer Bryan Spicer told Hawaii News Now.

"We really just wanted to tell a story deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture and share that with the world. The history of this Nation is not something that a lot of the world — or even our country knows about — so if we can create some awareness or discussion I think that would be beneficial."

This will be the last episode that will be aired in January before the show goes on a short hiatus. Hawaii Five-0 will return to CBS with Season 7 episode 15 on February 3.

The synopsis for Season 7 episode 14 reads: "Five-0 must negotiate between the law and local customs when a man wanted for murder escapes capture and seeks asylum in sovereign land belonging to the Nation of Hawaii."

Hawaii Five-O season 7 episode 14 is scheduled to go on air on CBS on January 20, 2017. It was directed by Peter Weller and written by Sean O'Reilly.