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Tea is the favourite early morning beverage for many to kick-start their day. It comforts you on a rainy day and acts like a medicine during sniffles and slight fever. But, there is a dark side of your favourite drink. There is no harm in sipping one or two cups of tea in a day but excessive consumption of tea has its own side effects. But, don't let your habit turn an addiction.

Commonly called as 'Chai' in India, the hot drink can cause serious health problems if taken in uncontrolled proportions.

Check out below some of the side-effects of tea that will compel you to think twice before going for the third cup in a day:

Dehydration and constipation

While many believe morning tea helps in a smooth bowel movement, people aren't quite aware that excessive consumption will cause constipation. Because, a chemical present in the tea, Theophylline, causes dehydration which in turn leads to constipation.

Prostate cancer

Tea is not good for prostates either. According to a research by the University of Glasgow, it was found that men who drank seven or more cups of tea in a day had 50 percent higher risk of prostate cancer.

Nutrient deficiencies

Excessive consumption of tea may lead to nutrients deficiencies in the body because it hinders absorption of essential nutrients such as iron by the body. Some studies show that black tea decreases body's iron absorption.

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Oesophageal cancer

Drinking very hot tea can lead to oesophageal cancer. According to a 2009 paper published in the British Medical Journal showed that there is increased chances oesophageal cancer if someone drinks very hot tea (70°C or more).


You may feel bloated if you drink too much tea. Some people may face the problem of bloating due to the presence of caffeine in tea. According to nutritionists, excessive consumption of tea may lead to dehydration resulting in unwanted water retention which may make people feel bloated.


This is one of the well-known side effects. Drinking excessive tea can make you develop an addiction for it due to the presence of caffeine in the drink. Regular tea drinkers may feel lethargic and tired if they do not get their daily cup at the same exact time. In some cases, it can be even worse and lead to headache and fatigue.

Brittle bones

Tea can make your bones weak. According to The Guardian, a 47-year-old woman developed brittle bones and lost all of her teeth after drinking too much tea.