Pakistan's Supreme Court has said that the 'culture of girlfriends' is un-Islamic and a Western concept, while hearing a case about a man creating a fake Facebook account of a woman. 

The Pakistani court was hearing the case of one Muhammad Munir on Wednesday, who has been accused of creating a Facebook account of a woman without her consent and uploading her pictures.  

When the court wanted to know the nature of the relationship between the man and the woman, it was told the woman was Muhammad's girlfriend. 

To that, the two-judge bench replied that "there is no culture of girlfriend in an Islamic society as it is a Western concept," The Express Tribune reported. 

Men and women could not have "such relations" in Pakistani culture, the judges said, according to Dunya News

According to some Pakistani media, the judges also said that Facebook was 'destroying Pakistani society."  

Several religious groups in the country have reportedly lauded the court's statement.