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A bullet ant (Paraponera Clavatta) walks on a leaf at the Braullio Carrillo National Park, 50 kilometers (31 miles) east of San Jose, June 5, 2012.Reuters

This man gets stung by the most painful insect on this planet!

Coyote Peterson, an animal expert has been stung by various insects across the planet so far and he has measured the pain intensity of these creepy creatures. The latest insect he has got stung by has the fame of leaving the victim with immense pain, which is equal to being shot!

Necessary medical precautions are taken by Peterson before he is bitten or stung by any creature.

Peterson has tested the bite of an alligator on his arm, which was followed by being sucked upon by the world's most notorious parasites, none other than the blood-sucking leaches.

He even got stung by the world's fourth most painful stinger in the entire insect kingdom, which is none other than the velvet ant. He has got stung by a Tarantula wasp, which is titled as the world's second most hurtful stinger in the animal kingdom.

What makes these tarantula wasps an interesting species is their ability to hunt down the tarantula spiders like hawks. These are the largest species of wasps in the UD,  and the female wasps have the ability to sense the existence of tarantula burrows.

The female wasps fly around and with the help of chemical sensors they track down the tarantula burrows; they land on the ground, grasp the tarantula spider out of their burrows and stings and paralyses it before it bites her. This spider is then carried to a brooding nest where she lays an egg on the paralysed spider's abdomen and the entrance of the nest is covered. This spider is then fed upon by the larva of the wasp.

Have a look at this video to findmore about the tarantula wasp:

YouTube/ Brave Wilderness

This spree of being bitten and stung was then followed by being bitten by a bullet ant! The sting of the ants belonging to this species is said to be the most painful in the insect kingdom. Found in the humid rain forests, this ant is scientifically known as 'Paraponera clavata'.

Peterson first caught a bullet ant in a container, placed it in a glass capsule and then stuck it to his left forearm to make the ant bite him but the attempt wasn't successful. Peterson then, held the insect with the help of forceps and let it sting him on his forearm right into his vein.

"It's number one! My arm is getting really tight.. its spasming up my muscle," Peterson exclaimed in the video.

"I'm experiencing hot radiating waves of pain, it feels like someone's stabbed me with a hot poker!"

The sting of this ant led to stiffening of Peterson's neck muscle and the venom made him sweat swiftly. Peterson agreed to the fact that a bullet ant's insect is the most painful insect sting he has experienced so far.

The bullet ant is known to hurt the bitten creature for 24 hours though the pain prevailed for more than the estimated time for Peterson. This ant was then returned to the colony it was captured from and other bullet ants came to greet it.

Check out Peterson's reaction after being bitten by the bullet ant:

YouTube/Brave Wilderness