During the turn of the new millennium two decades ago and in the years since, it has been made apparently clear that the digital era is not only here to stay - it's here to grow. Over the last twenty years, advancements in every field of technology have transformed the way companies all over the world operate. With new technologies and digital advancements being made virtually every day, many companies look to digital experts to help them transform their businesses in order to meet rising expectations and demands from consumer markets.

One such company is Hashout, founded in 2017 with headquarters in the United States and India. The company and its employees are on a mission to help companies accelerate the transformation of their customers' digital experience "by working with them as an extended team on their transformation roadmap." Like any new company in the digital space, the company knows it can only accomplish this mission through the passion and dedication of its employees. Each year, the company honors excellence and innovation from within with its Employee Excellence Awards targeting Excellence in Customer Centricity and Technology as well as Teamwork and Special Recognition.

Best Team Player - Akshay Rathnavas

Akshay has worked with the company since September 2019 as the company's senior Adobe Experience Management (AEM) Developer. His skills in Java, AEM, as well as leadership and public speaking have been recognized in assisting the company as well as his team members to grow and retain their client portfolio.

"Akshay Rathnavas consistently proved that he is someone whom we can always count on," the company says on Akshay's performance. "His exceptional problem-solving skills and agility in providing quick solutions according to timelines make him a reliable team player."

Excellence in Customer Centricity - Nilabjo Sanyal
Having served as tje Senior Software Engineer since March of 2020, Nilabjo's expertise as a Full Stack Developer in Typescript, Javascript, and Python assisted the company in sustaining its branding, messaging, and digital customer services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Nilabjo's thoroughness in execution, dedication, and openness to rapidly adapt to diverse technology stack to deliver the right solution just on time," the company says of Nilabjo, "was a clear testament to customer-centricity."

Excellence in Technology - Vijay Vittal
Vijay joined in March 2020 as a Software Engineer. As a Full Stack Engineer with expertise in Javascript technologies such as NodeJs, React js, Angular, MongoDB, Redux and PostgresQL has been instrumental to the company's continued success, technological development, and client satisfaction throughout the events of last year's pandemic.

"Vijay Vittal has consistently demonstrated excellence in problem-solving, seamless adoption of complex projects, and delivery of technology solutions this year," according to the company. "In addition to the excellent technical skills, Vijay showcasing the high level of collaboration and commitment in his work with client and Hashout projects this year has resulted in consistent positive feedback for himself as well as setting an example of our core values and our technology expertise at Hashout."

Special Recognition - Divyanshi Rastogi
As the employee with the longest tenure at the firm, Divyanshi has grown with the company from an internship position in July of 2018 to an Associate Software Developer in October of 2018 where she helped the company's clients revamp full website catalogues of Citrix documents, build web-based Loop blogs and internal communications platforms, and launch new products to market with digital AEM tools and expertise. Divyanshi's ability to exceed the expectations of her teammates and clients alike granted her a promotion to a full Software Engineer position in July 2019 after just one year of working at the company.

"Divyanshi has been with us for over two years," the firm said of Divyanshi, "and her contribution has played a critical role in expanding our accounts. With her go-getter attitude, combined with the willingness to learn through feedback and mentorship, Divyanshi sets a great example for everyone in the team. Her readiness to support customer requests at critical times elevated the trust client has bestowed on Hashout."

Located in Bangalore, India and the U.S. East Coast, the team works closely with its clients, from choosing the best technology stack through implementation, to solving key business problems. Hashout delivers high-quality solutions by following the industry's best development practices like test-driven development and test automation to aid in rapid, continuous delivery of features to improve the maintainability and sustainability of clients' software in the long run.