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With less than two months to go before Avengers: Infinity War hits the screen, its merchandises are hitting the market, making fans even more excited about the summer release.

The film has had a few leaked moments of the past that have hinted at scenes featuring Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Iron Man and more.

Avengers: Infinity War toys have also teased numerous characters in the movie. The toys have now hinted at the death of a crucial character.

While it is known that many characters will meet their end in Avengers 4, a Thor character might meet his end before the untitled Infinity War sequel even takes place. As reported by The Mary Sue, a toy featuring an eye-patched Thor may have hinted that Heimdall will die in Avengers 3.

Fans noticed that a toy version of Thor is holding Heimdall's sword. The Hofund opened the Bifrost antechamber in Asgard and played a crucial part of the storyline in the movies. But the question is, why has the sword found a place in Thor's hand?

There are a couple of possibilities: Heimdall dies when Thanos attacks the Asgard ship, and Thor is this handed the mighty sword. Or, Heimdall dies fighting Thanos and his army so Thor takes the sword to honor his memory and find a rightful bearer.

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Will Heimdall die in Avengers: Infinity War?Thor, Facebook

A fan also noted that the sword was created in Nidavellir, which is speculated to be the place where Thor gets his ax. Perhaps the sword will help him reach the location?

While this particular toy has got fans talking, Marvel Studios has released another Thor miniature where the God of Thunder is seen holding his new weapon, Stormbreaker. The action figure is sans the eye-patch.

The new toys are giving fans a better look at numerous characters. Recently, fans got their hands on Thanos' gauntlet, were given a preview of the Iron Spider-Man and a closer look at several other characters.

Fans will have to wait until April to find out who will die and how it will set up Avengers 4. But fans are relieved that their wait has been reduced by a week. Marvel Studios recently announced that the film has been advanced from its initial release date.

The film was slated to release on May 4, but now Avengers: Infinity War will hit the theatres on April 27. Confirming the change in date, The Russo Brothers shared the poster of Avengers: Infinity War on their social media handles and said they wanted fans all over the world to watch it together.

Initially, a few international markets, including India, were going to watch Infinity War before the US. This would have led to spoilers leaking online and the possibility of piracy.

So now, as the worldwide release is scheduled for the same day, Marvel Studios will not have to struggle with constraining spoilers in different parts of the world.