Although Marvel Studios has successfully kept Avengers: Infinity War's plot under wraps, fans can at least speculate the possible storyline of Avengers 3 thanks to a few leaks.

Earlier, a leak from the movie showcasing Spider-Man and Dr Strange in a fight sequence had made its way online. And now, another leak featuring Spider-Man has made its way to Reddit, reports.

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Like every MCU movie, Infinity War will also release its own range of Funko POPs. While the collection is yet to be made available for fans, an online user got their hands on the Thor POP box and it features an Infinity War spoiler. The image seems to confirm a popular speculation about Tom Holland's character.

The back of the POP box featured the Peter Parker superhero. However, his name on the box is not actually Spider-Man but Iron Spider.

Fans have been speculating the new suit for Spider-Man since the Avengers: Infinity War trailer released late last year, but the directors have been shying away from addressing the rumours.

This leak also features Thor's new weapon. Fans would remember that the God of Thunder's hammer Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela in Ragnarok.

Thanks to the POP box picture, fans are speculating that Thor's hammer will be replaced by the Ultimate Mjolnir in Infinity War. Before this leak, another leaked photo a few days ago teased the superhero's new weapon.

The weapon sparked a discussion when Marvel released promotional artwork from the movie featuring Thor's new weapon.

Though the studio hasn't confirmed any information about his new weapon, Thor actor Hemsworth recently teased that the weapon will make fans go cray-cray!

"You'll have to see, I can't give that away," Hemsworth teased back in October. "But there is something pretty exciting coming. I think the fans will know and love and be excited for it."

Thor, Facebook

Apart from the axe-hammer, Thor also seems to have got his eye back. In the trailer, Hemsworth's superhero character is seen without one eye but as seen in promotional arts and now in the leak, Thor is likely to get his eye back but will feature a badass scar on his face.

Avengers: Infinity War releases on May 4.