Update: Jio Care has rubbished the scam message by saying that Reliance Jio Happy New Year offer is valid only up to March this year.

Original story:

Reliance Jio has become a victim of hoax once again, triggered by its controversial data plan which offers free unlimited access to high-speed 4G data, HD voice call, HD video call, SMS, and Jio apps. A message claiming that Jio customers can upgrade voice call and Internet services till December 31, 2017, has been widely circulated on the social media but unfortunately, there isn't an iota of truth about it.

It came a few months after rumours spread like wildfire on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp that a Reliance Jio customer received a bill of Rs 27,718 for using 554 GB. The fake bill also stated that Reliance Jio users would be charged Rs 1,100 in case of late payment. It was barely a month after the company announced free 4G data service when the hoax started but people still spread it on social media.

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Now, a message asking Reliance Jio costumers to upgrade the 4G data and call services before midnight to continue the Happy New Year offer till the end of this year has been doing the rounds.

This is what the hoax message reads: "Notice for all Customers Kindly Upgrade your Jio Internet and call services before 12:00/am tonight. We have extended Jio Till 31st December 2017  Otherwise you will not be able to use Jio Internet and calling services And Your Jio Sim might be deactivated. So Upgrade right now and You can surf upto Unlimited Internet till 31st December 2017." (sic)

Reliance Jio hoax message
Reliance Jio hoax message that is being circulated on social mediaScreenshot from WhatsApp

Well, one can clearly say from just a look at the message that it is fake, as Jio Team won't make such grammatical errors. The deadline to upgrade the services is 12.00 am but there is no mention of date while the link provided in the text is not valid.

Meanwhile, Reliance Industries has extended its offer for an unlimited access to high-speed 4G data, HD voice call, HD video call, SMS, and Jio apps till March 31, 2017 with a little change, offering 1GB of data at 4G speed per day instead of 4GB offered earlier. Internet speed drops to 128kbps after the usage limit is crossed. Reliance Jio customers can also continue to have the benefit from April to June (three months) at just Rs 100.