The biggest question which was in everyone's mind when this year's IPL got over was about the participation of MS Dhoni in next year's season. Although the skipper did say that he could well be back to lead Chennai Super Kings next year, there were still apprehensions about the same. However, now CSK CEO Kasi Viswanath has gone on record saying that Dhoni will most certainly be back at the helm next year.

"We are confident he will come back. In the last two years, there were talks that he is not batting well, but statistically, he has had two great years. He had a stellar last season, and this time he did even better. And knowing him, he would do that for India in the World Cup too. He will definitely come back," Kasi was quoted as saying by New Indian Express.

MS Dhoni was at his absolute best for CSK this season

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni leads his sideIPL Twitter

Despite not leading a perfect side in Chennai Super Kings, MS Dhoni was at his absolute best for his side this year as he peeled off 416 runs in 15 games at an average of 83.20 including a number of As a team we had a good season.

"We need to go back and reflect on how we reached the finals. It's not one of those years where we played really great cricket to reach here. The middle order wasn't great, and today it was very funny as to how both teams were only passing on the trophy from one team to the other. Both teams made a lot of mistakes, the team that made one lesser mistake won.match-winning knocks," Dhoni said at end of the finals.

MS Dhoni CSK
File photo of former CSK captain MS DhoniIANS

At the end of the final with Mumbai Indians, CSK coach Stephen Fleming conceded that an ageing side needed to be revamped and this could only mean that perhaps the next season could see an entirely new nucleus of CSK and while MS Dhoni could still be in charge of the crew, there could be an entirely new set of players turning up for the side.

"He (Dhoni) will be travelling to the World Cup. A lot of talent has been established in other teams. You need to do it carefully and get the balance right, when you try to go for players who you think can deliver for us," Fleming said after the final.