Jyothika in Jackpot
Jyothika in Jackpot.PR Handout

Jyothika, who has been picking up scripts with utmost care in her second innings, is returning with the comic caper - Jackpot. She gets an introductory song, and is seen dancing and fighting, just like the mass heroes do in commercial potboilers.

It is a comedy film which revolves around two con women - Akshaya (Jyothika) and Maasha (Maasha). They lead jolly lives by tricking people. What happens once they set their eyes on a mystic vessel hidden in the house of a villain, forms the crux of the story.

Although the story lacks freshness, director Kalyaan has come up with a decent storyline. The movie entertains the viewers with hilarious scenes. People will especially enjoy the sequences involving Thangadurai-Kingsley and Yogi Babu-Rajendran.

Jyothika looks stylish and has done exceptionally well in the mass avatar. Revathi is equally good and Anandraj steals the show with his brilliant performance in dual roles. The supporting actors too have contributed a lot to make the flick a lively entertainer.

The audience has given a thumbs-up for the Jyothika-starrer. Check out their tweets about the flick below:

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #Jackpot - It was refreshing to see #Jyotika in a film where she's not setting the right example and delivering good message. She has so much fun playing her 'massy' character and it works to a large extent. She lives by the word 'Shero'.
#Jackpot - Like most films featuring Yogi Babu, this one too resorts to body shaming his character but there's a nice twist to how director Kalyaan handles it and that's a novel touch; something that genuinely made me smile in the end.

Rajasekar: #Jackpot - #Anandaraj is the film's shining star, his scenes worked out big time in the film. Started as a villain, this man ruling the comedy space now
#Jackpot - Director Kalyan has tried to give a mass hero image to #Jyotika. If you could accept her in that space, this film would be a harmless fun. It's all about the audience's perspective now :)

Christopher Kanagaraj: #Jackpot - A pile of Mokka Comedies. Too many characters, Anand Raj scores better than others. Jo & Revathy combo is torture to watch. BGM resembles many old movies, esp Sketch. The Inexhaustible Vessel concept is gud. Hardly few laughable funny scenes/dialogues. Waste of time!