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Hardik Pandya (R) with actor Aamir KhanSTR/AFP/Getty

There was once a time when Virat Kohli used to be the No. 1 drool-worthy cricketer by the female fans across India and outside. Then the news of Kohli getting indulged in a romantic relationship with Bollywood star Anushka Sharma, broke a million hearts.

The time might have come now for yet another Indian cricketer to hog that same limelight. We're talking of Hardik Pandya, one of the best all-rounders in cricket at the moment.

Pandya, 24, who we can safely assure you is single, broke the internet on Thursday November 23, by posting a shirtless photo of him, flaunting his chiseled frame and those drool-worthy washboard abs.

The photo is from a shoot for the Maxim magizine, which calls itself an out and out men's magazine.

Key question: Is Hardik Pandya still single?

The answer is yes.

Lisha Sharma (Instagram @hippieemermaid), a model from Jamshedpur who stationed in Kolkata for many years to get the perfect launchpad to her career, before shifting base to Mumbai, was heavily rumoured to be dating Hardik last year.

Fast forward to more than a year, we don't really know what happened between them considering their victory over keeping the paparazzi at bay from their lives.

However, we do know the reality from the horse's mouth. A certain post for Hardik Pandya's Twitter handle on Valentine's Day 2017, revealed it all. The cricketer is very much single at the moment.

Needless to say, fans on Twitter soon flooded the post with comments. Of course, we are referring to the female fans!

We were also not surprised to read some critical tweets (read trolls) who asked Hardik to focus on his cricket and stop posting such photos. Jealousy, we presume?