Gaddar: The Traitor
Gaddar: The Traitor

Punjabi movie "Gaddar: The Traitor" (GTT), which was released in 90 theatres in six international markets on 29 May, has continued to keep cash registers ringing at overseas box office even in its third week.

Released in 15 screens in Canada, "Gaddar: The Traitor" collected $90,662 (₹57.65 lakh) in the first weekend. But the movie saw a steep decline, with its second weekend collection down to $34,396. In its third weekend, the film collected $11,267 from 6 screens, taking its total collection to $196,487 (₹1.25 crore).

"Gaddar: The Traitor" was released in 34 screens in the US. Its first weekend earning was not even half of that in Canada. The film grossed $55493 in first weekend, $8,735 in the second and $638 in the third weekend, taking the total collection to $64,866 (₹41.59 lakh) at the US box office in 17 days.

Released in 15 screens in the UK, "Gaddar: The Traitor" received better response than in the US. The film collected £42,678 in the first weekend, £14,641 in the second and £6,065 in the third. Its 17-day UK box office collection total stands at £84,492 (₹84.14 lakh).

"Gaddar: The Traitor" has done good business in Australia, where it was released in 18 screens. The film collected A$109,359 in the first weekend, A$21,298 in the second and A$882 in the third. Its 17-day collection is A$190,835 (₹94.32 lakh).

"Gaddar: The Traitor" hit 5 cinema halls in New Zealand and 3 screens in Malaysia. The movie has done decent business in both the countries. The film earned ₹14.91 lakh and ₹5.15 lakh in New Zealand and Malaysia respectively in 10 days.

Starring Harbhajan Mann and Manpneet Grewal in the leads, "Gaddar: The Traitor" was made on whopping budget. Its overseas distribution rights were sold for a fancy price. The movie has collected approximately $5,69,102 (₹3.65 crore) in 17 days.