Happy New Year
(L to R) Boman Irani, Farah Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone at the music launch of the their film "Happy New Year"Varinder Chawla

The Bollywood multi-starrer "Happy New Year" (HNY), released in theatres across the globe on 24 October, has garnered a mixed response from the viewers, mostly positive.

Many film goers have fallen in love with the film's entertainment quotient that they did not mind some drawbacks of the film, but some are upset over the big drawbacks.

According to the viewers, "HNY" has an interesting subject, but Farah's boring screenplay spoils its beauty. The inclusion of too many songs makes the movie lengthy and boring. Some film goers took to Twitter to make fun of Shah Rukh and Farah Khan for handling the subject in a bad way.

Read "Happy New Year: funny tweets by viewers below


Srk as a fighter is the same as Rahul Gandhi as politician #HappyNewYear


Heard some where that Insurance Companies refuse to give cover to victims who watched SRK #HNY ."


Just came out of #metro watching #HNY went directly to #delhidarbar near ordered a Bhejafry to compensate my bheja which was fried


If u r planning to watch #HNY then buy only tomatoes n support the small farmers n sellers,instead of buying machine produced eggs

Suprateek Chatterjee

Farah Khan's Law of Efficiency: Write five half-decent lines and use them multiple times throughout the movie. #HNY

Sonia Thomas

The crowd is filled with Kapil Sharma fans because the movie is clearly that brand of humour. #HNY


#HNY is a kind of movie your parents are used to watching. Not the new age kissing and killing induced cinema #DiwaliWithHappyNewYear

Ayub Khan

#HNY waste of time movie. A super bad attempt to copy Ocean's Eleven @iamsrk where did you lose your creativity and foresight.


Shiris destroy the career of Akki by making #Joker now Farah destroy SRK career by making #HNY, BIBI HO TO AISI

Prashant Soni

really impress n proud feeling to be as a biggest fan of @iamsrk , #HNY housedull everywhere, whoever comes but real king is jusT SRK

Utkarsh Dixit

I cant understand whether people are wishing me new year of asking me to watch 'Happy New Year' #HNY


sometimes a film is blockbuster and yet ends up distasteful experience #HNY is one of those movies ..

Aparna Mudi

Abhishek should do more comedies. He is definitely more in his element in comedy. #HNY


#HNY I liked the desi style Kung Fu Fighting song. Again, hope no copyright infringement! @TheFarahKhan

Awesome World

Don't throw the tickets after watching #HNY. You never know, the government may announce compensation for the victims :P :D


Breaking news Srk Khan's #HNY surpasses RA ONE'S record those coming out after watching #HNY are directly being hospitalized #KingRoxx

Addi Salman Malik

Raja Maharaja Aaj Upar Se Deakhkr Humse Jealous Ho Rahe H Bcz Unke Pass Kabhi #HappyNewYear Jesa Weapon Nhi Rha Apne Enemies Ko Marne Ka :p


#DeepikaPadukone wants to open a dance school fr poor 2 earn respect frm all as none respects an item girl in a dance bar #HappyNewYear #HNY